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Using Timber in Architecture and Design

13 Aug 2022
You’ve just started building or renovating your home and you’re stuck between the plethora of materials to choose from, concrete, steel, brick, and the list goes on… You have just come across wood as another option; however, you aren’t sure whether this is the right material for your home specifically. Well, natural materials have become increasingly popular among architects and designers, and wood in particular, for good reason. It is one of the most diverse materials and is often used due to its sustainability and high quality. We wanted to take a deep dive into the use of timber in the design industry for those who are questioning whether or not to use the material in your home, both for the exterior and interior, so we’ve turned to the who’s who of the design industry to ask them their thoughts on using timber in the home. Read on below to find out their opinions on the material…

What are your thoughts on using timber in the home? How can it enhance a home?

Timber in the home today plays a huge role in the design, it’s almost essential or critical to make up the elements to a really well-designed home.

Timber brings an organic balance that not a lot of other textures can do. Timber has such a beautiful and natural component. It’s something that has grown naturally and is not manufactured, while it is created into different profiles, it is originally derived from nature and provides that feel to it. – Sharn Alexander from Eco Timber

Is there a certain style of home that should use timber, or does it apply to any home?

‘Timber can be added to any style of home, there are so many species and color finishes available on timber that can make the same species (i.e. Blackbutt) look completely different and suited to a broad range of styles. Adding timber is really a decision for the homeowner about what materials reflect their personality and lifestyle.’ - Jessica Loughlin from Loughlin Furniture

Clockwise from the Top: Clovelly House Project by Mark Shapiro Architects, interiors by The Designory, bathroom Designed by FIGR architecture studio, Mornington Peninsula beach house design by Pandolfini Architects

What are some of the trends in using timber in the home you have seen recently?

Some of the new textures that are available with timber that is trending at the moment are Eco Timber’s charred timber sealed with internal coating. It’s a really unique finish and creates something of high impact through textural and visual appeal. Charred is a burnt timber, it’s not coated nor smooth, its burnt so it’s quite unique and striking. If you are talking about timber flooring you may look at mixed-width boards or a chevron, herringbone design instead of one set size. You do have to apply practicality or common-sense approach, but effectively under your kitchen bench nook where stools would go, for example, is a great home for 3D batten type timber cladding – it breaks away from what traditionally has been done to create warmth and makes a point of difference. - Sharn Alexander from Eco Timber

What’s your advice on what rooms to start adding timber furniture to the home?

‘For us, timber and timber elements are essential in any home. We believe they can be added to just about every room in every type of home. However, a great way to incorporate timber to the interior of your home is through custom shelving which in my opinion can be added to every room. I would say the “easiest” piece to start with would be a dining table. Incorporating a timber dining table can make all the difference in the overall warmth and welcoming feel of a home.’ - Jessica Loughlin from Loughlin Furniture

We have seen more timber being used in the home in interesting ways including joinery, benchtops, hooks, and handles – how can this enhance a home? 

‘Timber in the home brings a sense of closeness to nature and using it throughout the home can add warmth and an element of texture. By adding timber accents, you create a natural aesthetic that can marry other materials together. Timber pulls and hooks are a really great way to add earthiness and interest with the benefit of convenience. Bathrooms, in particular, can lack warmth. Adding timber through utility in these areas is a great way to start.’ – Nikki Reid from Scandiluxe

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