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25 Aug 2022
The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, second only to the kitchen. The design, look and feel of your bathroom not only has a huge effect on your home’s value, it also influences your routine, mood and ability to relax. Despite the essential practicality element to the bathroom space, we are seeing a large focus toward home bathrooms having spa-like amenities which encourage you to unwind and enjoy the ritual of bathing. We have put together a collection of our tips and tricks to making your bathroom a haven.


Don’t feel restrained by the vanity + shower + bath = bathroom algorithm. Some of the most beautiful bathroom spaces incorporate design elements which set them apart and celebrate the bathroom as a lifestyle space as well as a practical space. In our North Bondi project , we incorporated a spa-style bench seat into the joinery design which sat opposite the walk-in shower.

A tiled bench also featured in the shower of our Maroubra House project, the tile wrapping from the floor to the wall made this feature almost invisible, keeping the minimal black and white aesthetic feeling clean.  An element like this allows you to more effortlessly use the space, sit down, relax and enjoy the ritual of bathing.


Do you hate having all your essential bathroom products out on display, cluttering your vanity space? Us too! The only solution to this is ensuring there is plenty of hidden storage incorporated within the bathroom design so all of these items have a place to live. A shaving cabinet and drawers within your vanity is a great way of adding storage but if your floorplan has the room incorporating a chic cabinet for bath linens and even a hidden laundry keeps everything in place & on hand when needed.




The bathroom space can become quite cold and uninviting if you play it too safe. Nothing screams boring like white tiles, white fittings and chrome hardware- think outside of the box and try and bring warmth and interest into the space by incorporating timber accents, natural stone, feature tiles or standout tapware.

The powder room is our Paddington Townhouse project got a hefty dose of glam by using a luxuriously textural wallpaper on the walls. This allowed the white fittings to pop and has a sophisticated 5-star hotel feel.

The bathroom space in our Ayana House project was a celebration of natural materials and included a custom walnut vanity with walnut drawer pulls which sat beneath a luxe solid surface C Design Sink from Omvivo. The tapware was all sourced from our favourite Australian tapware company, Sussex Taps. We chose items from the Calibre Collection in a tumbled brass finish, meaning that all the fittings developed a natural patina over time. Tumbled limestone laid in a French pattern also formed a feature within this space wrapping from floor to wall.


The design, materials and scheme you explore in your bathroom design should be an extension of the rest of your home. Nothing kills the feel of your home more than a room which feels like it belongs to a different house. Ultimately each space should feel like it flows with ease to the other. This is easily achieved by introducing details which are found in the other rooms of your house into your bathroom design. This could include using your interior wall colour on your joinery panels or incorporating a timber showcased in other areas of the home. This symbiosis was achieved in the bathroom of our Bronte Road project with American Oak featuring in the custom shaving cabinet, linking the space back to the adjoining living, dining and kitchen space.


If space is on the small side but you don’t want to choose between a bath or a shower, a wet room could be a great solution. In our Maroubra House project, the minimal aesthetic achieved by keeping the shower space open. Drainage is key here and a large scale integrated drain ensures that all the user water is quickly drained away so that the space stays clean and dry. 


With many brands now boasting customisation options, it has become easier than ever to inject your own personality into your home. Brands like Sussex and Omvivo who have factories located in Australia are continually working with designers and clients to create options which are unique to the needs and specifications of the individual job. Sussex’s range of tapware and bathroom hardware can be adjusted to required specification – meaning that adding additional reach to a tap or shortening a spout on a shower is now easily achieved. Their range of custom finishes and colours also make achieving an Instagram worthy bathroom a breeze! Omvivo has also followed suit by adding customisations to their range. Their new collection of soft skin surfaces add a textural feel to the bathroom and their ability to customise it to your required tone means you can achieve a seamless extension of your homes colour scheme.


It can be tempting when it comes to the renovation process to try and buy cheaper products to get-the-look for less, but beware! The bathroom is used regularly so buying quality materials which are made to last is not only practical, it's economic. If your budget is tight try to save money by:

  • Reducing your tiling expenses by forgoing stone or marble and sticking to porcelain or ceramic.
  • Don’t move your plumbing. It definitely adds to your budget to move your plumbing, so trying to keep your fittings in the same position will keep costs down.
  • If possible, buy in bulk. If you plan to renovate a few rooms in the house buy the same tiles for each room and ask for a better price. It will be easy for you to incorporate a classic white ceramic tile into your bathroom, laundry and ensuite and should help you negotiate a better price per square meter.
  • Refinish what already exists. An existing vanity can easily be refinished in a new colour or reimaged with a new sink on top or slab.


You don’t need to schedule a full renovation to improve the look and function of your bathroom space- here are some quick and easy updates which will have you enjoying the look and feel of your bathroom in no time.

  • QUALITY BATH LINEN: Don’t underestimate the effect of quality bath linen- it looks beautiful, lasts and makes a huge difference to your daily routine. Our go-to is Bemboka towels from The Design Hunter. Crafted in Turkey to a weight of 650gsm these towels are unbeatable. Used in some of the worlds most luxurious hotels these towels look as good as new wash after wash and maintain superior softness, your guests will thank you!
  • LET THERE BE LIGHT: Make your bathroom windows feel light and modern by adding shutters. With a great range available from DIY ONLINE BLINDS you can easily measure and install in a few
    • PAINT: This is exceptionally relevant in new apartments which always seem to have white walls and cream doors. Our go-to for the bathroom is fresh and bright whites and reinvigorate you and help light move throughout the space, here are our favourites:
    1. Haymes Paint: ‘Modesty White’
    2. Dulux: ‘White on White’
    3. Porters Paint: ‘Alpen’

hours and have your windows dressed for both privacy and style.

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