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25 Aug 2022

Finding unique storage solutions that work for your unique lifestyle and home can be difficult and feeling overwhelmed by clutter becomes symptomatic of modern living... but don’t fear we’re here to help! , Whether it be that your downsizing your home or just searching for that spot to store those extra bits and bobs, having restricted spaces for storage can be tricky! We’re sharing with you our favourite storage solutions that will help you organise and declutter your home, in a stylish way of course! From bench seating with storage to simply adding hooks…. these solutions can be used both indoor or outdoors and are easily customised to your space and budget. Feeling organised can make busy days feel that little bit easier, simply because everything can have their own spot and can be easily found or put away after use.


 This is by far our favourite type of storage! Bench seating takes up minimal space and is multi-functional. Whether you use storage above as seating or shelving this solution is cost effective and easily incorporated into any home. Used in the bedroom, living room or anywhere under a gorgeous picture window, bench seating is a fantastic way to introduce hidden into your home.

Images (clockwise from top): Lugar House by The Designory | Bronte House by The Designory | Ayana House by The Designory | Idunsgate Apartments in Oslo, Norway by Haptic Architects


This solution may not be for everyone especially if you don’t have an upstairs to your home, but if you're lucky enough to have unutilised under stair space, then this is for you! Capitalizing on this usually neglected area of the home with clever design and custom joinery can add a plethora of storage solutions you simply never knew you could have. Visually this joinery appears minimal and unnoticeable from the outside maintaining a streamlined feel. A minimal aesthetic will keep your clutter organized, under control and out of sight!

Images (clockwise from top): Kitchen in London via Better homes & Gardens | Image Via Dwell | Paddington House by The Designory | Design by Muotopuoli and Timpuri Risto Tanninen


Exceptionally designed joinery is one of the things we are most passionate about creating for our clients in our design studio. Not only does exceptional joinery impact the look, feel and storage capacity of your home- it also has a large impact on your homes resale value. When designing joinery for the home it’s important to think about what your homes missing and how it can be incorporated. By generating a wishlist of the types of storage you actually need you can easily customise your joinery to suit.

Images (clockwise from top): Ayana House by The Designory | Glenmore House by The Designory | Bronte House by The Designory | St Peters House by The Designory


Hooks are a great way to save space, fill an empty, unutilized wall or beautify your entryway, mudroom or laundry. With a great range of designer hooks now available it is now easier than ever to match your hook back to your existing interior scheme. The range of American Oak and Walnut hooks available from The Design Hunter are a timeless update to any space. Many of the hooks are available with the option of a brass tip, adding a touch of luxe to your space. This is a handy and stylish way to ensure the whole family has a space to hang their hats and coats up at the end of the day.

Images (clockwise from top): Mudroom designed by Crystal Sinclair for Homepolish | Luxe Scoop Wall Hook from The Design Hunter | Como Pull from The Design Hunter | Kink Wall Hook from The Design Hunter

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