Yes we offer both. Follow the link here to Trade Discount application and here to the Student Discount application.

Yes you can purchase a gift voucher and let them choose which digital products they’d like! They’ll be sent a e-voucher with instructions for how to redeem it!

You’ll find all the instructions for how to redeem your gift in the email we sent you. Didn’t receive it or still unsure? Just shoot us an email at

- Home renovators

- Home builders

- Designers or decorators

- Builders, contractors

- Design enthusiasts

The Decorating Digital Products include all décor throughout the specific space that you have purchased. You’ll find the product details, images, measurements, links and more.

The Design Detail Digital Products cover everything from door hardware, tiles and pavers, skylights, lighting and more. It basically has all the details of everything you need to build your home from the ground up. You’ll find the product details, images, measurements, links and more.

Concepts and floorplans are included in both the Decorating and Design Digital Products, as well as images and details of our preferred brand partners.

Definitely! You have the option to buy the Digital Products of the WHOLE house, in specific Bundles or you can buy each DP separately! If there’s something specific you need and aren’t sure just send us and email at

Unfortunately items do go our of stock or lines are discontinued and this is of course out of our control. However, in the case that we are aware a specific item is not available to purchase, we have endeavoured to include an alternative item that will give a similar look and serve the same purpose.

If you have any questions regarding the Digital Products, please reach out to us at and we will happily assist where we can!

Indefinitely! Once you buy the Digital Product is it yours for life! We do ask though that you do not share them around or upload them anywhere!

Just purchase the product as you would any product in an online store. You will then receive an email with the links to the product in a PDF format plus any other additional information you may need. Click on the link and you’re on your way to creating your dream home!

Unfortunately no we don’t offer a refund on these products given they’re informational in nature, and for copyright and intellectual property reasons.