About Us

Having the ability to work with the one team who understands your project intimately is an opportunity to create and execute a seamless vision across the breadth of your project. Rarely seen in the industry, our unique in house end-to-end service includes all facets of building and interior design, which flow effortlessly in to the final layer of the conceptual development and finishing elements of interior decoration and styling.

Before embarking on any design work we focus not only on the aesthetic vision but also what fundamentally underpins the way the client needs to use and function within the space. We then operate as a cohesive team to achieve liveable, buildable solutions that are delivered on time and on budget.

The first step for any design project, regardless of whether it’s a styling project or a full scale design and build, is to meet with the client onsite and take the brief. This might include:
• A tour of the house or space to familiarise the designer with the layout, as well as, give the designer an insight in to their clients personality, likes, dislikes and way of life.
• Discuss the clients ideas, needs and wants – this is where a scrapbook of ideas or a Pinterest page is really useful to show the Designer.
• Discuss budget – clear communication of budget is extremely important so that the designer can work accordingly.
• Discuss timelines and any deadlines the client may have.
• Take any measurements of rooms or spaces if it’s a smaller project.
• For larger building projects The Designory will often bring our building advisory consultant with us to the briefing meeting. Where possible we always aim to work closely with them during the design phase to ensure that the final designs are produced in a way that can be built practically and within the budget allocated. It also allows us to speed up the design process internally and ensure that the end product for the client is build-able, on time and on budget. The aim of this initial briefing session is to gather as much information as possible about the project, the client and their lifestyle so that the next step of Concept Development runs smoothly!

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