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The Pool at The Barefoot Bay Villa

13 Aug 2022

Deciding on materials to use for a pool can be quite a tricky process; however, when we started designing and building the Barefoot Bay Villa, the pool was one piece that we had already made our minds upon. It was definitely our best-kept secret through the entire build. We had been dying to create a timber pool for over two years after finding an image of a solid timber constructed pool in Scandinavia on Pinterest. So, we called in for help from Earp Bros to choose the perfect timber look porcelain tiles in order to recreate the timber pool of our dreams and they truly made it a reality! We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. The timber look tiles have created a seamless pool with a natural grey tone that ties together the outdoor zone into a tropical-inspired tranquil retreat. The pool also matches the natural aesthetic of the house and perfectly reflects the sky with a light aqua tone.  


 By using the ultra-realistic interpretations of timber with the STARWOOD collection from Earp Bros, this stunning pool is able to take on that inviting aqua blue colour. The STARWOOD collection is a range of porcelain wood look tiles that carefully imitate natural timber with ultra-realistic detail. All the intricacies of natural wood are reproduced with absolute craftsman-like precision to ensure realism, right down to the wood knots and timber. We used Tanzania Silver Tiles from Earp Bros in 1500mm long lengths on the interior of the pool with K2 Bullnose coping tile in Point Silver for the pool edging. Overall, Earp Bros are our go-to when it comes to tiles and will help to make your vision a reality if you’re in need of advice when designing a pool for your home (if you have an inspiration shot to show them, this can always help too!).


Explore more of Earp Bros products on their website.

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