The brief for the Maroubra II house was to complement a beautifully finished family home with the functional storage it was missing. Maximising the storage capacity for a growing family and enhancing the existing aesthetic of the newly renovated home without enclosing the spaces, keeping everything feeling light and bright was at the core of the clients hopes for their home.

The original open plan living and dining space lacked definition of the living zones and felt blank and uninviting. A large full-length piece of joinery with V-Grove panelling was designed in a soft grey tone to give the space a sense of grandeur and texture whilst meeting the multiple needs of the family. Custom felt baskets and cubby holes were created below the wall mounted TV to house toys whilst maintain the aesthetic, keeping everything clean and clutter free. This element focused on incorporating materials which were kid-friendly, with the softness of felt meaning that kids can easily play and put away their own toys with ease. The client also had a number of AV items which needed to be housed and these were incorporated above bench height to the side of the TV allowing them to be at hand for the adults but out of reach for little fingers.
The design incorporated white joinery surrounding the TV to reduce the impact of the scale within the space whilst also maximising height of the ceilings. A beautiful study nook was created in the corner of the dining space with a bi-fold door into the side of the tall cupboards. This allowed for the clients to easily slide their computers away when not in use leaving the desk feeling organized and tidy.

The master bedroom also required an update with plenty of storage for clothes and accessories whilst also maintaining a fresh palette of beautiful materials. A custom built-in wardrobe and freestanding chest of drawers were designed to meet these needs whilst also allowing the space to feel open, spacious and inviting. The joinery was designed in a beautiful soft grey which complimented the rest of the home, with a gorgeous stone top used on the freestanding piece to add some luxury.

Designer: Harriet Isaac-Cole | Photographer: Simon Whitbread