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Christmas Table Inspirations

25 Aug 2022

Have you left your holiday table decorating to the last minute? We have the tips and tricks to set a gorgeous Christmas table with all the items you already own!.

Let’s face it, time is precious these days and buying a suite of items you’ll never use again for your Christmas lunch/dinner table seems to be both a waste of time and a waste of money. So instead this year we decided to share with you a few easy ways to set your table stylishly with items you either already own or will use again and again throughout the year.

Napkin rings:

There is no need to pay top dollar for designer napkin rings you will only use once a year. A great alternative is using a Christmas bauble instead and threading your napkin through the loop. You can also wrap your napkins with some twine or string and thread through a sprig of rosemary or a cinnamon stick for a beautiful and aromatic Christmas touch.


Keep it classic, either thrill your guests with candlelight or bring in some of your favourite plants and pots to bring a green element to your table. Devils Ivy is one of our favourite plants to use on the tabletop as it streams from the pot along with the centre of your table and really sets the scene.

You can also take to the garden and cut sprigs of eucalyptus, gum and Australian natives and layer into the centre of the table.

Wrap greenery around simple white pillar candles and secure with a ribbon for an elegant and designer touch.

clockwise from top: CULTIVER napkins | HALE MERCANTILE napkins | WALTER G napkins


Nothing says elegance like proper linen napkins, they will get you through a season of dinner parties effortlessly. Choose napkins in a solid colour or a subtle pattern which can be used annually rather than just over the holiday season, above are some of our favourites. 

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