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Lighting Up Your Exterior

13 Aug 2022

When we think of spending time with family and friends, we usually think of the living area or the revered “hub of the home” the kitchen; however, we believe outdoor spaces are just as important. In Australia we spend much of our time outdoors especially during the summer months, entertaining and relaxing with loved ones. This was definitely the goal for our recent project in Byron Bay, the Barefoot Bay Villa, where one of the most important design aspects was making sure that the home catered to families and spending quality time with one another. Located in the year-round sun mecca, Byron Bay, spending time outdoors is a daily pass time, including cooking and dining outdoors. One of the pieces that tie together an outdoor zone of the home is the lighting. We worked with Brightgreen to seamlessly blend their new collection of outdoor lighting into our outdoor seating and dining zone to create a space where families could dine throughout the warm summer nights.

One of the reasons we chose the new collection of exterior lighting from Brightgreen for the Barefoot Bay Villa is that they offer remarkable resilience which is particularly important with harsh weather conditions. With outstanding IP ratings of IP54 or IP65, their exterior lights are exceptionally durable and capable of withstanding the harshest weather elements, such as strong winds and heavy rain. Summer storms are part of life in tropical areas like Byron Bay, so this was a major bonus for the home. These outdoor lights are painted three times as well for triple protection and durability over the years and decades to come. It’s always important to choose outdoor fixtures that will stand the test of time in order to minimise erosion.

Because the exterior of the home is quite contemporary, we needed lights that would allow the design to stand out while seamlessly blending into the outdoor area. Using this collection of lighting allowed us to bring out the best in the architectural forms and finishes of the home which features charred timber cladding from Ecotimber. Because these lights are minimalist in form, they perfectly reflect the dark charred timber cladding of the home and complement the overall design for a more unified look. Last but not least, these external lights are modular, allowing them to be arranged together for a unique, creative composition that enhances the home’s outdoor design.

You can explore more of Brightgreens products on their website.


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