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The New Wave by Sarah Ellison

25 Aug 2022

It’s always exciting when a new furniture collection launches - the team can be found huddled around the images, gesturing wildly as we instantly start dreaming and planning spaces to incorporate the pieces. So, when one of our favorite stylists, Sarah Ellison, told us she had been busy designing her new furniture and homewares collection, it was safe to say we quickly sat up and paid attention. The collection entitled “The New Wave” is everything we imagined Sydney based Sarah would dream up, a capsule collection of must-have modern pieces with Australian living in mind and that unmistakeable effortless chic that Sarah is known for. The striking palette immediately transports you to twilight and the Australian sunset; smokey coals, ochres punctuated by ocean blues and crisp whites all set back against silhouettes which are classic and enduring, yet contemporary. 

We sat down with Sarah to discuss the collection and her inspiration behind its inception.

What was the inspiration for the collection?

As a beach girl through and through, I was inspired by my home near Bondi Beach. The New Wave is coastal living with some urban edge to it. I even created imagery down at the beach!

How does your work as a stylist help inform the practice of designing furnishings for the home?
Throughout my styling career, I learned that careful editing is the key to effective interior spaces so this was my approach designing my first collection. It's really my edit of the key pieces that you need for an interesting yet comfortable home. 
How should buyers approach the collection in shopping for their own spaces?
I really wanted the collection to feel cohesive but interesting. The way I like to do that is by mixing unexpected things. There are small things like the handmade ceramics which are an easy way to add sculpture into a space as well as the mirror plinths which will add interest and colour to your existing space. A great option is to update your space with new dining chairs like our Zee chairs for a modern take on 70's design. Updating chairs can really lift a dining space without overhauling the entire room. 
The colour palette reminds us of an Australian sunset, with rich ochre and desert tones- why this palette?
 This goes back to my beach routes, I am obsessed with rock formations around Bondi and find endless inspiration there! Beyond that, I have also been a big champion of 1970's interior design with their experimental use of colour and fabrication so these references also feature throughout my colour palette material selection.


Inspired by her coastal life in Bondi, Sarah’s new collection of furniture and homewares is a gorgeous nod to coastal living, with laid-back pieces that we cannot wait to incorporate into our projects as well as our own homes. The new Sarah Ellison Studio pieces are available from the Sarah Ellison Website and Click On Furniture showrooms nationally from Monday - but keep your eye out later in the week for a few special pieces we’ve selected for our curation at The Design Hunter - we’re thrilled to be a part of Sarah’s new venture!

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