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A new frontier of texture

25 Aug 2022
When it comes to beautiful, durable and timeless countertops there is one name that always at the forefront - Caesarstone. We find ourselves specifying from the extensive Caesarstone collection regularly for our client projects as well as our own developments. Since launching the Supernatural Collection mid last year, Caesarstone has been able to offer a selection of finishes which exhibit all the allure of natural stone but with less of the upkeep - we loved the natural veining of  White Attica™ so much that we recently used it in our design studio’s sample library and kitchen. It now seems that Caesarstone has outdone themselves yet again, launching a new selection of concrete inspired finishes which are a texture lovers dream and meeting the demand for a more natural look which is low-maintenance and easy to keep looking beautiful over time.
Following on from Rugged Concrete™ released in July we are extremely excited about Cloudburst Concrete™ - a white on white tonal cloud like patina to complement the existing concrete range, it emulates the look of hand-poured concrete even including the new “rough” surface finish. These surfaces have an alluring tactility and work with ease in a wide range of schemes and designs. These finishes are an innovative and cost-effective way of creating all the appeal of hand-poured concrete without having to worry about concerns for wear and tear or ongoing maintenance.  Inspired by the collection we have quickly begun searching for the perfect project to incorporate the stunning surfaces into a future design!
After the success of our latest project Ayana House, many clients have been asking us about benchtops - most notably the mix of the thin profile Caesarstone in Pure White in the back elevation in the kitchen design, alongside the grandeur of natural Granite we used on the island. Whilst the choice of a thin and thick profile was based exclusively on the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space - the question always seems to be, “where can I find a feature piece of stone like this, which will have the same ease of use as Caesarstone”? Well until recently, our answer would be - you can’t… BUT now with the extensive choices in the Supernatural range and the release of Turbine Grey™ - natural stone lovers can rejoice! This is a next-generation modern 'granite' with mid to dark grey veins and white features within its unique pattern movement. Stunning and the perfect feature piece!
You can explore these and more of the new finishes on Caesarstone’s website or find a showroom near you to browse the selections in person.
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