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25 Aug 2022

Byron Bay is special place.  It’s much more than a laid-back lifestyle and definitely more than great surf, pristine beaches and hinterland, and beautiful sunsets.  As regular visitors to Byron, we’ve come to love the untouched beauty of the region and all it has to offer, but there’s definitely some enduring favourite haunts that we keep coming back to every time.  The region is spoilt for choice for amazing food and eating destinations - there are endless options for whatever your taste buds desire.  Here’s our “Little Black Book” of some of our favourite “tried and true” local spots.

Harvest Café, 18-20 Old Pacific Highway Newrybar 02 6687 2644 - Harvest café is located in the historic village of Newrybar (20 min drive from Byron Bay) and is always at the top of our list when in Byron! Harvest is not only one of the most celebrated restaurants in the area but it also has the most amazing rustic, wood fired bakery and deli. Reservations are a must. Tip – go there for outstanding bakery treats on weekend mornings from 8am and pop across the road to Newrybar Merchants to explore their constantly changing curation and treasures.
Miss Margarita, 2 Jonson Street 6685 6828 This colourful Mexican cantina has delicious Mexican food - just what is needed for a casual lunch after you’ve hit the beach in the morning or the perfect spot to gather with friends at night.
St. Elmo Dining Room & Bar, 22 Fletcher Street 66807426 – St Elmo’s is the perfect spot for a date night - an intimate and upmarket setting with an extensive wine and cocktail list they specialise in modern Spanish tapas and share plates.
Treehouse on Belongil, 22 Childe Street 66809452 – This quirky, low key beach side spot is a family fave - the interior is filled with vintage finds and loads of small treasures. Yum wood fired pizzas baked in a clay oven and live music on weekends, plus a huge menu to pick from to suit the pickiest of little customer.
Fish Heads, 1 Jonson Street 6680 7632 – Located on Byron Bay’s beachfront it offers beautiful fresh local produce and seafood in a relaxed environment with the sea breeze on the doorstep.  Great for takeaways on the beach as well!
Three Blue Ducks, at The Farm, 11 Ewingsdale Rd, Ewingsdale, 6684 7795 –This 86 acre green space hosts a unique farm-to-table dining experience for the whole family.  The Duck’s source their mostly organic produce from the surrounding fields and local farmers and serve up their meals for breakfast and lunch Monday to Sunday, as well as dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Horse and cart rides, loads of farm animals and a fun filled playground keep the little ones entertained, while the adults can wander through the shop filled with local wares and fresh produce or head in to the florist and garden store to pick up a gift.  The takeaway area will leave your mouth watering too – it’s chock full of salads, pre-filled sandwiches and loads of incredible baked goods.
Fleet Restaurant, 2/16 The Terrace, Brunswick Heads, 6685 1363 – With a gorgeous fit out and clever cooking style this Byron newbie has a gorgeous wine bar and focuses on share plates - at reasonable prices.  Only a small space though – and very popular with foodies - so make sure you book well in advance!
Milk & Honey, Shop 5/59a Station Street, Mullumbimby, 02 6684 1422. Milk and Honey is a casual restaurant offering delicious, artisan wood fired pizzas and a frequently changing menu showcasing seasonal, locally sourced produce.  Fully licenced and offering a great takeaway menu as well.
Paper Daisey at Halcyon House, 21 Cypress Crescent, Cabarita Beach (02) 6676 1444 A relaxed setting in a beautiful location, this restaurant focuses on using local produce to produce simple yet sophisticated dishes.
Main Street Burgers, Shop 4, 18 Jonson St, Byron Bay, NSW, 6680 8832
Amazing burgers, locally made sodas and boutique beers, this hot spot is the perfect spot for a great feed for the family or with friends. The sweet potato fries are a must!
Cafés & Coffee

Bay Leaf, 2 Marvel Street 6685 8900 – Always buzzing with happy customers and open for breakfast and lunch daily this Byron staple serves up amazing coffee and delicious food catering to all every imaginable dietary need as well!  The bowl of chai is the best in Byron, and watching the Kitchen team at work is just as much fun as eating the food itself!  A hands down favourite for the whole family – if you can deal with the wait in holiday seasons!  But if you’re in a hurry grab takeaway from their sister venue next door, Leaf & Grain.

Combi, 2 Marvel Street 6685 8900 – New on the scene to Byron, Combi is a delight to the senses.  The on-trend dusty pink fit out mixed with hints of brass, timber and rattan gives off “beach vibe” perfection.  You’d be forgiven for not realising that this humming café specialises in vegan food – the pancake stack and pad thai are a flavour party for the mouth!!  Their smoothies are incredible and ridiculously good for you, and the relaxed style of the staff can’t help but put you in a good mood.  This place feels like quintessential Byron.
The Roadhouse Café, 6/142 Bangalow Rd, Byron Bay – The Roadhouse has a rustic charm and is Byron eating at it’s best.  This café has been the go to spot for years and is definitely the place to be when the music festivals are in town – especially the sprawling outdoor terrace.  In true Byron style, these guys focus on whole foods and utilize local producers where they can to create an ever-changing menu of delicious dishes and treats!
The Top Shop, 65 Carlyle Street 6685 6495 – Take a seat on the grassy hill for breakfast, lunch, dinner, juice, coffee or ice creams.  It doesn’t get more chilled and relaxed than this.  Perfect spot for after the beach!
Doma Café, 898 Federal Road Federal 6688 4711 – This place has long been a must-do spot – they’re renowned for consistently serving up some of the best Japanese food alongside home-made burgers and a daily specials. Meander through the hinterland and visit this gorgeous café - it won’t disappoint.
Red Ginger Banglaow, Station Street, Bangalow - On the verandah behind Our Corner Store, 6687 2808 Delicious yum cha served all day in a quirky and colourful shop setting.  The perfect pit stop after trawling the Bangalow main street.
Sparrow, 1b Byron Street 6685 7691 – A hidden secret!  Delicious Harvest bread and pastries along with some of the best coffee in Byron, all within a hidden in a “hole in the wall”.
Blended (Caravan)Corner of Lawson Street and Middleton Street, Byron Bay. This clever little moveable van does delicious smoothies for times when you’re on the go. Simple but super tasty and perfect for a hot day!
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