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The Australian Destinations That Inspire Us

24 Aug 2022
When looking for inspiration, our team loves to look on our own doorstep for some of the most gorgeous destinations to inspire our design and interiors ideas and concepts. Read on below to find out our teams most loved Australian destinations to inspire us all at The Designory.

Liza, Retail Manager here at The Design Hunter, gathers her inspiration from a variety of destinations that include Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, Melbourne, and the Yorke Peninsula. She is inspired by colours and texture at Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, saying ‘I love it for its walking tracks through dense forest and along rivers, the colours and textures found in the diverse range of flora – especially all the hues of green, I find it so inspiring!’ 

Liza also finds Melbourne to have such an electric energy! She says ‘Inspiration is everywhere here for me – the people with their unique fashion, the amazing food, restaurants and cafes, and then the colours, interesting and forever changing graffiti found down all the alley ways. And last, but not least, she gathers inspiration from the Yorke Peninsula coast line – ‘it’s beautiful beaches, all the natural colours of the blue to green ocean and the white to reds in the sand and cliffs and then the vast paddocks often empty, but every now and then dotted with old homes.’

Harriet, Designer at The Designory, heads over to Orange in New South Wales for a hit of inspiration. She loves the traditional/classic architecture and classic gardens - ‘It’s a combination of country town and country landscape', and she loves 'the formal character of the town.’ Another great place for gathering ideas is Manchester Square in New South Wales. It’s a tiny area in the southern highlands which has the most stunning landscape, gorgeous homes and beautiful gardens. She finds it’s a great place for inspiration, ‘there is no phone reception, so it’s the perfect place to unwind and be inspired by what is around you.'

Cat, our Head of Marketing & Brand Partnerships, grew up in country New South Wales, so any time spent in the country is always a huge inspiration point for her. She says, ‘I love the rolling and often empty landscape, just trees and cattle - perfect and secluded. Having recently moved to Byron Bay I have completely fallen in love with Bangalow- it has that country town feel where everyone knows everyone, you walk up to order a coffee and it’s already made because the barista knows your order - I love that. When things get busy at work being surrounded by an environment which is a bit more slow, but filled with beauty is perfect.’

Christina, our Social Media Content Manager, gets her hit of inspiration when she heads down for a quick trip to Tasmania. She loves that it has so many beautiful natural attractions – stunning reserves and national parks, as well as incredibly exquisite coastlines and beaches. She explains that ‘Tassie is the perfect balance of a quiet getaway where you can rest and recharge, but also feel totally inspired by your surroundings.’

In need of more inspiration? See our Pinterest.

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