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Australian Made: Our Edit of Our Favourite Brands Made Right Here

24 Aug 2022
As Australians, we’re lucky enough to live in a place where we have easy access to locally-made products. We’ve recently seen a shift in consumerism to a focus on Australian made products that are of a high quality and built to last. And there’s no surprise here that we are all for this shift!
First off, products that are Australian made are subject to strict quality standards, which means that the materials used to create products are closely monitored to ensure this will not negatively affect your health or the wellbeing of the environment.  Australian made products must also support local industries and the economy. This means that every time you purchase Australian made you are supporting the jobs, economy and prosperity in Australia. All of these aspects have a profound effect on the families of others, your own family, and local communities around Australia. Another benefit of Australian made products is that we have some of the safest and tightly regulated working conditions in the world – this means that when you purchase Australian made you can rest assured that the workers who produced it have received a fair wage in a safe working environment. And of course, one of the single most beneficial aspects about buying Australian made products is that it ensures that strict environmental protection policies have been followed during the manufacturing process. By following environmental protection policies this means that the products also focused on reducing energy consumption used in transporting and manufacturing the product.
We’ve gathered our favourite Australian made brands below that are of the highest quality:

  1. Loughlin Furniture: The beautiful team behind this company designs, hand-makes and manufactures individual furniture pieces primarily from solid timber. Whether it's custom-designed or from their range of products, their design conscious clients come to them for their personalised design advice, translation of current trends, simplicity of design and quality of finish. Their showroom is based out of the Central Coast.
  2. Eco Timber: Eco Timber Group prides itself on stepping away from tradition, to innovate stunning architectural, commercial and residential timber products that excite! By using recycled timber and certified timber products that have a full chain of custody, Eco Timber maintains a high standard of eco-friendly products. Their family-run business is based out of Victoria.
  3. Haymes Paint: A family run paint business based out of Victoria that's committed to crafting quality products. The Haymes colour library is extensive and their colour team is always there to help you achieve the perfect in home style to advise which colour schemes will best suit your home.
  4. Mubu Home:  A French-Australian couple runs this small family business in Melbourne. All the MuBu pieces are made-to-order with a great deal of love and attention and come with a certain degree of customisation (choice of timber, fabric, leg design and height etc…) All of their upholstery work (sofas, bed heads, upholstered benches, ottomans etc.) is also made in-house.
  5. Crossing Threads:  The collaborative work of Lauren and Kass Hernandez, Australian-born sisters based in Sydney. The sister-duo create handwoven fibre art that is distinctively highly textural, organic and intricate.
  6. Project 82: Locally-made in Sydney, Project 82 produces beautifully handcrafted sofas and furniture. They partner with a carefully selected group of Sydney-based manufacturers and talented, young designers to bring you new and exclusive collections. With over 15 standard sofas across two in-house collections, they produce sofas to suit diverging tastes and budgets, with the option to customise the size, colour and fabric.
  7. Aurora Suspended Fireplaces: A family built business based in Ballina, New South Wales. They build beautiful suspended fireplaces. Aurora fireplaces are an investment that save money - and helps save the planet over time.
  8. Rogerseller: A Melbourne-based company, Rogerseller has became renowned as premium retailers, manufacturers and importers of mantelpieces, grates, sanitary-ware  tiles and door furniture. Spanning three generations, two world wars and numerous boom and busts of the local building industry, their family-owned business has led the way in providing Australia with the most beautifully designed fittings for the living environment.
  9. Concrete Nation: A collective of artisans, craftsmen and innovators who create custom-crafted, bespoke, architectural concrete works of art. Based at Burleigh Heads on Queensland’s Gold Coast, their highly skilled team specialise in creating polished concrete bench-tops, vanities, basins, bathtubs, outdoor barbecue bench-tops and industrial furniture for residential and commercial properties.
  10. Soktas: The incredible lighting company based in Currumbin, Gold Coast that specialise in hand-blown glass. The process of hand-blowing glass has been based through the generations to create the signature style they have today.

Check out our Pinterest Board dedicated to Australian Made products.

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