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Shower Design and Functionality: Rogerseller

16 Aug 2022
There’s nothing quite like having a good shower and we all know the difference of starting the day with a great shower or a poor one! While a bath can be a luxury a shower is part of the everyday routine for most people, so why do we live with subpar showers?
When it comes to a great shower, it comes down to good design and functionality.  For beautiful form and uncompromising function, we love to explore what we Rogerseller has to offer, and we're so excited that they have just released their latest, ground-breaking new shower collection, Tectonic Showers, combining three essential elements that make up the perfect shower - water, light and steam extraction. For us, this is the perfect convergence of undeniable shower design with functionality right at its core, the best of both worlds.

Tectonic is a new patented innovation and classic minimalist design seamlessly integrates a 3-in-1 shower system.

It allows you to indulge in the drenching rain or gentle massaging waterfall functions, while a soft halo of light above subtly illuminates, and all the while a quiet extraction fan lifts the steam away. Presented in the timeless materiality of brushed or polished stainless steel, these three distinct elements come together in a slim 3mm design that is both contemporary and futuristic.

The collection also extends to single function wall and ceiling showers as well as a standalone extraction fan, while the Tectonic Accessories collection will complement the linear and slim design for a universal aesthetic across the entire bathroom.

We’re excited to use this in one of our projects. If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom or shower, check out the tectonic by Rogerseller over on their website.

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