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Clever Ways to Integrate Your Television Into Your Home

16 Aug 2022

Back when TVs were large, bulky—and frankly, quite ugly–media rooms were designed around the big screens. Couches, tables, lamps, and chairs all centered around space's focal point, giving the room a single purpose. Enter: the flat screen. Slim, inconspicuous, and easily mountable, the flat screen made designers everywhere rejoice for its chic aesthetic. Today, TV rooms are outfitted to entertain guests and lounge in style with the TV acting more as a piece of décor. Read on below for our tips to cleverly integrate your TV into your home…

Mix Your TV With Other Items Around It:

Take a decorative approach and surround the TV with a mix of framed pictures, art, candles, trinkets and shelving. This will help to blend the TV into its surroundings for an integrated experience. You can display decorations on a mantelpiece underneath your TV or inside cabinetry surrounding the TV. If your TV is a flat-screen mounted on a wall, adding art around it will help to detract from it being the centerpiece of the room. You can explore a range of items to add around your TV on The Design Hunter or you can take a look at our suggested ideas of items below to frame your TV.

  1. Palm Resort Framed Print 2. Horace the Hippo 3. Phendei Ceramic Tall Jug White 4. Tonic of Gin Candle 5. Set of Phendei Ceramic Coco Oval Bowls Black 6. Arabian Oud Room Spray 7. Morning Surf 1 Framed Print 8. Sticknose Beetle 9. Florescence by Royal Botanic Garden Sydney 10. Orbit Bowl

Fit a Sliding Panel:

To create this look, the TV is mounted on a wall bracket, then shallow cabinetry is built around it. If you have a surround sound system that you also use to play music, it’s worth asking your furniture maker if mesh doors can be created so that speakers are hidden, but the flow of sound isn’t impeded.

There are different types of brackets you can mount the TV onto. The most basic is a static arm, but you can also buy articulated brackets that mean the screen can be pulled forward or tilted so you can get the perfect view when the unit is open.

Paint the Wall Charcoal:

If your TV is wall-mounted or sits on a console, paint the wall behind it moody charcoal. Dark interiors are very on-trend and have the effect of creating a cozy yet dramatic space perfect for a living room. Better still, the dark tones will envelop your television screen and make it blend into its surroundings.

Recess the TV:  

Recessing your TV will allow for a cleaner look and you will not have to compromise on the style and flow of the space. It ensures that the TV cords are tucked away allowing for a finished and aesthetically pleasing look. Having a recessed TV creates a uniform flow in the room so that it’s not the main aspect and you’re not compromising on style or theme in the room.

We specifically chose to have a recessed TV for our recent project The Barefoot Bay Villa in Byron Bay (top right image below) and couldn’t be more pleased with the final look.

If you’re looking for a TV to recess into your living room wall, the Hisense’s Designer Collection TV is great as it has a white frame that blends nicely with lighter painted walls. This will help create an visually appealing look in any space.

Tuck the TV Into a Corner:

This tip is especially useful if you’re renting an apartment and have barely enough room to fit much furniture into your living space, let alone a television! Corners are often overlooked and underutilized in a room, particularly in a small space. If you do have a tiny apartment, try to take advantage of every spot by mounting your TV in a corner or display it on a corner TV stand.

Make the TV a Piece of Art:

Place your TV where you’d normally place a piece of décor. Replace your painting with your TV instead or place the TV between two bookshelves. This will help to create a better viewing experience with your family when you watch tv shows or movies too. Elevating picture and sound quality to new heights, the 2019 range of Hisense ULED TVs combine leading technologies which ensure content is portrayed as accurately and true-to-life as possible. The new range brings in a new era of convenience with the option to connect your Bluetooth headphones or speakers straight to the new ULED TV’s.

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