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Designing the Barefoot Bay Villa Bathrooms

13 Aug 2022
Now more than ever before, bathrooms are seen as more than just a utilitarian space. They are seen as integral to the overall scheme for the house and an opportunity to elevate the space and create something truly special and often luxurious.  A room for rest, rejuvenation and indulgence. At The Barefoot Bay Villa we had 5 bathroom zones to design and each came with its own opportunities, challenges and basic requirements, read on to discover how we designed each zone and created some enviable bathing spaces for guests to enjoy.


With any space whether it is a bathroom, kitchen, living or dining room, making quality choices will never let you down. An investment in quality fittings and fixtures is a must for the longevity of your new space.

As we were our own client at The Barefoot Bay Villa, we were able to use a range of items from our favourite suppliers which are known for their incredible quality and design. For us, it came down to choosing the suppliers we know and love and bringing together spaces which celebrated what they had to offer.

Throughout all of the bathroom zones we used:

Tiles from Earp Bros: The team at Earp have a huge collection of stunning pieces, and often handcrafted, products and are our go-to for our own and client projects.

Baths and basins from Apaiser: Apaiser’s collection of bath ware products are made from a mix of Australian minerals and have an incredible feel to the touch. They are made of natural materials which is always an important element for our projects, enabling the materiality to contribute to both cohesiveness and the overall grounded nature of the space.

Tapware from Rogerseller: We used the Eccentric Collection of tapware and accessories throughout the Byron Bay Villa - sleek, timeless, and simplicity at it's best. We love that they are constantly innovating and designing new ranges and complimentary pieces.

Mirrors and Shower screens from Stegbar: The team at Stegbar worked with us to design and custom make the mirrors and shower screens at the Villa to contributed to the repeated curved element within the home. The customisation available from Stegbar allowed us to design the item to perfectly suit each space.

Vanities from Loughlin Furniture: Every bathroom needs a natural element and the American Oak vanities we included from Loughlin furniture added just that! Handcrafted and streamlined by design, they blended perfectly with the other finishes.


For us, the bathroom must always be connected to nature in order to feel completely relaxing. This can be achieved by using natural finishes or materials within your design. At the Villa we used a number of elements to ground the space and make that connection to the surrounding natural environment.

American Oak vanities from Loughlin Furniture were crafted by hand which meant that they were able to make pieces which perfectly suited each space. Adding in tiles which are reminiscent of nature, like the sand toned tiles in the Master ensuite, also brings that natural touch to a space. Old White tiles from Earp Bros were used - we affectionally call them ‘fingers through sand’ which feels like the perfect choice for this Byron Bay home.

The bath and basins from Apaiser are also crafted from Australian minerals and have a gorgeous natural feel about them, almost as if they were carved from stone. The lotus bath and basin we used in the main bathroom have an amazing natural shape, it reminds us of ultra-smooth rock that you might skim along the ocean's edge.

Want a quick way to add some nature? Incorporate a hanging planter or a plant in your bathing space - it's great for air quality as well!



It doesn’t matter how good it looks, if it’s not functional then it’s a poor design. For a bathroom space to work well make sure you consider:

Ventilation: Ventilation is not something you want to overlook in a bathroom! We incorporated the IXL Neotastic vents which help to suck out the steam and are very inconspicuous within the space. We also teamed this in the main bathroom with a new operable skylight from Velux called Velux Active. This cleaver skylight allows you to set parameters for temperature and moisture which when met will prompt it to open and vent the bathroom space.

Lighting: When using the bathroom, you need to ensure there is enough light to see what you’re doing. Down lights and windows are a great start but we also added LED backlighting to the Stegbar mirrors in the bathrooms. This helps to cast more light in front of you when you are using the mirror or doing your makeup.


Repetition of materials through a home is key to achieving the overall cohesiveness that delivers a successful design. The bathing spaces were no different with tonal repetition of sand, greys, timber, and terracotta. Throughout all of the bathing spaces we also used Rogerseller’s Eccentric Tapware collection in brushed nickel. This beautiful collection seamlessly fit into the design of all of the bathrooms and allowed us to have a cohesive look throughout the home.


Don’t be afraid to show some personality in your bathroom! Downstairs in the pink and green bedrooms we extended the colour scheme into the bathing space by using Earp Bros Nazari tiles in shades of green and pink. Whilst still connecting to our overall connection back to natures palette, adding some drama in your bathroom with some colour brings instant joy and character.


A vital ingredient in any home! Consider the layout of your windows in your bathing space to not only achieve the functionality needed, but really create the feel you require. In the downstairs bathrooms we used a Quantum fixed panel floor to ceiling window alongside a Breezeway louvre panel from Trend Windows and Doors to make it feel like you're showering outside. Upstairs where privacy was needed we added a high window from the Quantum collection which allowed light to stream in. All of our Trend windows and doors were finished in black Textura, an enviable tactile matt, tactile finish.

If you can’t add in new windows to your design, consider a skylight from Velux and watch your space transform!

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