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24 Aug 2022

We love sharing the people behind the gorgeous items we are using in our projects. For our current project, the Barefoot Bay Villa in Byron Bay, we have been working with the duo behind Create Estate. Their range of incredible Australian made bedheads are truly one of a kind and we couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce you!

Tell us a bit about how you got started and how you came up with the concept for your modern upholstered bedheads.

We never felt completely fulfilled when we were working our corporate jobs, myself (Nic) on marketing and sam in business development. My dad had been operating his own upholstery business for over 40 years, so when he was talking about retirement and closing up shop we jumped at the opportunity to take over the family business.

The idea behind Create Estate came from a love for minimalist living and the concept of having less and investing in quality. We came up with 3 unique shapes each with a removable linen slipcover to give our customers the versatility to change the look of their bedhead for years to come.

Since then we've worked with some of the industries most talented stylists, interior designers and photographers, we've opened our factory, expanded our team and our designs. All while planning our wedding, having our baby girl and moving to the Sunshine Coast.

Where is your business based at the moment?

Sunshine Coast, Qld

What is it like to run a business together as a couple? What has made it so successful so far?

We both have business backgrounds so the bones of our business are strong. We also have a deep love to anything creative and are such yes people, which can be dangerous. We're so similar and just respect each others strengths, but at the end of the day it's our family that's important so while we have put in an insane amount of hard work, we're grateful for the growth and success we've experienced.

What do you draw on for inspiration when conceptualising new products?

We look to a lot of overseas furniture design, particularly Swedish design that can be translated into a bedhead. More often than not it's a crazy idea that hasn't been done to a quality level, which we then rein in to make it functional for everyday life.

What makes Create Estate bedheads transform a bedroom?

They're the statement, as much as you want them to be! No design is too wild and even the safest design can really add a level of luxury and comfort to your bedroom.

What are the biggest trends when it comes to bedheads in 2019?

We're seeing a lot of suede, built in shelves and BIG bedheads, which are becoming more of a wall feature. We're also collaborating with a handful of Australian artists to create our own textile print, with our bedheads now doubling as a beautiful piece of art.

What are some of your personal favourite fabric bedhead options?

We personally have a very minimal, nature inspired aesthetic so you'll find earthy linen slipcover bedheads in our home - in our best selling Half Moon shape.

What’s your design advice for people wanting to add one of your pieces to their bedrooms?

Start with the size of your space and figure out how big and what shape is going to work. Then build from there, do you want your bedhead to finish behind the bedside tables?

Do you want an upholstered bedhead or to be able to change the cover? Then you can think about fabric type and finish. We work with all our customer’s in designing to perfect custom bedhead for their space and with in their budget, so you certainly don’t have to have it all figured out before you contact us.

How are the Create Estate bedheads produced? What type of materials do you choose to work with and why? 

Everything is made by hand from our factory on the Sunshine Coast, using quality, Australian made materials and locally sourced where possible. We use moisture resistant, durable timber and premium foams that are resistant to fungi and bacteria, mould, mildew and dust mites.

We stock the largest fabric range on the Sunshine Coast including Zepel, James Dunlop, Warwick, Worltey and Charles Parsons. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from, our customers have access to linen-look, washable ranges which can be wiped clean with water - ideal for rental properties or kids bedrooms. Plush velvets, pure european linens, print and woven patterns, genuine vintage leather and affordable faux leather and more.

What has been your favourite Create Estate product to produce so far in your career?

I love our new Kimmy Hogan designed Gather IV bedhead- it’s such a beautiful, feminine statement piece that celebrates one of Australia’s most talented artists.

You can explore more of Create Estate's amazing pieces on their website. 


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