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3 Tips to Style Your Bedroom Space to Perfection

24 Aug 2022

Everyone dreams of waking up to a perfectly styled bedroom - the bedding is comfortable and warm, the sheets fresh, the pillows are luxuriously soft, and the side tables with al your favourite items. Having a perfectly styled bedroom makes you feel peaceful and at ease, which is exactly what you need to rest and recharge. That's why our designer, Harriet, has gathered her top three tips to help you style your bedroom space to perfection. Read on for these tips below to start styling the bedroom of your dreams...


Three Tips to Styling Your Bedroom Space to Perfection:


The best place to start your bedroom styling is to take a key piece in the bedroom to base colours off of - this could be a rug, bedhead, artwork, or cushion. This then helps to create a base and then from this base, you can start to add your layers. Think of it as building the bedroom from the ground up and focus on adding each layer one by one. As a rule, Harriet suggests using neutrals as a base and then from there you can bring out a highlight colour.  She says to, 'remember to have one neutral with a strong accent colour.' This ensures consistency throughout the room. Start to layer with your bed first, start with the sheets and then work all the way up to the throw at the end of the bed. Once this is complete, you can then build out from there by adding in a rug, artwork, bedside tables, or small furniture.


Instead of trying to add numerous tones and textures, just focus on building a few. Harriet suggests playing with the scatter cushions to help build on this. First and foremost, make sure you have your European pillows at the back of the bed, or closest to the bedhead, then your standard pillows, and last, but not least your scatter cushions. Harriet mentions, 'start to mix and match the scatter cushions by using some that are rectangular, circular or something with particular interest at the front.' Another great way to add interest to your bedding is by adding in a neutral, textured throw at the end of the bed - it's the perfect finishing touch. Plus, you can also fold the bed sheet over the duvet cover if you have coloured bed linen. This helps provide a nice colour contrast to the bed. As a final tip, you can also mix and match your bedside tables to add a variety of texture and colour to either side of the bed.


There are so many clever ways of playing with extra space in a bedroom. One way of doing this is to gather your favourite nic nacs to add to your bedside table. This could be books, dishes, or bud vases in various colours and sizes. Just make sure that they aren't too cluttered. Another great way to play with space is to add baskets under the bedside tables if there is room to allow for this. This helps to add another layer of texture to the room as well. You can also play with adding some book shelves, a trunk, or bench at the end of the bed to fill up any blank space.

Here are a few bedroom spaces that have been styled to perfection:

  1. Talk about mixing and matching tones and textures! With a neutral piece of artwork above the bed and neutral bedding, we love how The Barefoot Bay Cottage has brought textured scatter cushions in the front to bring in some contrast.
  2. Variations of tones and textures was a great way to add interest to this bedroom at our Lugar House. The addition of books and a pot plant on the side table also helps to fill the white space next to the bed.
  3. A fresh palette of beautiful materials, a custom built-in wardrobe and freestanding chest of drawers allows the space in the master bedroom at our Maroubra House project to feel open, spacious and inviting.
  4. Have a large wall space above your bed? In our St. Peter's House project, we added a bespoke velvet bedhead and colourful cushions to add highlights of colour.
  5. Your lights can also tie in colours and add depth to the bedroom, as in our Kingsford project.
  6. Soft colours and mixed textures add warmth to this bedroom, while a dramatic piece of artwork ties it all together in our Queen's Park House.
  7. Mixing and matching side tables and adding in a mix of textured artwork brings in a depth of variety to this already neutral bedroom at our Bronte House.
  8. Our Ayana House's master bedroom  has a soft base of neutrals and is beautifully finished with bespoke joinery, luxurious wool carpet and clever features such as built-in desks and mini walk in robes.  The stunning curved battened wall behind the bed adds texture to the room overall.

In need of more inspiration? See our Pinterest Board dedicated to beautiful bedrooms.

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