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Bedtime Must Haves for a Better Night's Sleep

24 Aug 2022

Deep, quality sleep is known to be one of the most rejuvenating ways to wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead. Research has shown that a good night’s sleep supports our mental and physical health. However, we often disregard this in our modern world as life has become so high pressure, leaving us unable to ‘switch off.’ With the increase of screen time and blue light from our devices, this throws the body’s biological clock – the circadian rhythm – out of whack, meaning that ultimately our sleep suffers. To avoid this, here are a few bedtime essentials that will have you dozing off in no time…


When getting ready for bed, turning down the lights will help to cue the body to start producing melatonin, the hormone that helps you wind down and become sleepy. In order to avoid an over-exposure to light before bed, turn your side table lamps on and turn off your overhead lights. This will signal to the body that it’s not daytime anymore. Another excellent way to decrease your exposure to light before bed is to have bedside table lamps with a darker cover shade – our favourite is the Marni Table Lamp from The Design Hunter featuring a solid wood base and chic grey shade.


Getting our thoughts down on paper is a great way to reduce stress, calm the mind, and set you up for a successful next day. Adding another task at the end of the day may not seem ideal; however, writing in a journal before bed can benefit the quality and length of the sleep you have. If you suffer from an inability to fall asleep due to your thoughts or worries, this is the perfect solution.  Try this one out from An Organised Life.


Having comfortable, cozy bedding is essential for getting some serious shut-eye. But rather than having lush, heavy sheets, try to invest in a good-quality throw. This will ensure that you don’t wake up cold during the night, especially for the chilly winter months. The Bemboka angora and fine merino blend throws are light, luxurious and incredibly warm setting you up for a quality deep sleep. You can find them here on The Design Hunter.


Adding a night-time herbal drink in before bed is another ritual that will signal to your body that it is winding down from the day. Our favourite includes The Beauty Chef Sleep Inner Beauty Powder that contains herbal medicine to reduce sleeplessness and relieve symptoms of mild anxiety.


Pop a luxurious Slipsilk sleep mask on so your beauty sleep isn’t interrupted. Sleep masks are one of the best ways to obtain restful, relaxing sleep as they block light which signals to your brain that it’s time for sleep. It’s another way to increase the production of melatonin as your brain senses darkness. Try this Slipsilk Sleep Mask made from 100% pure silk.


Creating a sleep sanctuary in your bedroom is the best way for your body to start getting ready for bed. By including essential oils in your bedtime routine your body will recognise and start associating certain smells with sleep as studies have shown that scent is linked to memory and emotion. Sleep-promoting essential oils effectively work to improve the quality of your sleep. One of the best ways to enjoy these beautiful oils is to use them in a diffuser - like this one from Vitruvi.


Running a bath before bed is the perfect way to unwind and settle down from the busy day. Having a moment of pure solitude, relaxation and rejuvenation is essential when winding down. To make your bath experience extra peaceful, sprinkle some bath minerals into the tub while it’s running. Our team loves to use the Solitude Body/Mind Surrender Bath Minerals which are infused with Epsom salts and soothing essentials oils such as lavender and frankincense that promote rest and gently restore the body.


For those of us that find it difficult to read before bed, a great alternative way to wind down is to listen to a sleep meditation. This helps to create the inner conditions for a truly restful night’s sleep. Getting good sleep does not just come down to settling the body, but it also comes down to settling the mind. This becomes important at bedtime because the mind tends to get caught up in thoughts the most during this time of the day. It allows us to let go of our thoughts, lower the heart rate, and encourage slower breathing which will increase the prospect of a quality night’s sleep. Our favourite sleep meditation app is Headspace, try it out for yourself tonight and you'll be sleepy in no time.

Here are our favourite bedtime must haves for a better night's sleep:

Check out our Pinterest Board dedicated to beautiful bedrooms.

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