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Haymes new Artisan Collection

25 Aug 2022

Let's face it, these days there are so many products on the market in all industries. When it comes to paint we often feel like someone who works in the fashion industry seeing *another* little black dress, how impressive could it really be? Haymes recently hosted their designer launch for their new Artisan Collection and it is safe to say that we were blown away, not just from the colours but textures too. As the average Australian home becomes much more modern, introducing texture to your space becomes of extreme importance in adding warmth and individuality. Haymes have taken this one step further by developing their range of colours and finishes which not only look incredible but are easy to achieve (they have even created a bunch of "how to videos" so you will know how to master the application in no time).

The launch was a lesson in handcrafting and the visual splendor of watching things being created. With a watercolorist and potter crafting pieces surrounded by inspirational flat lays which illustrated the concept behind the collections and the how-to-videos being projected on a rear wall- the launch was a chic and conceptual affair.

Whilst there are so many gorgeous colours and textures in this collection, here are our favourites:

We love how this finish picks up natural light on the wall surface and has a similar texture to the way high-quality linen catches and defuses light- perfect for a bedroom space or a larger living room which is flooded in natural light. The gorgeous tone of blush is called "Pink Drift" and is soft yet neutral enough to not overpower a bedroom space.

Give us a navy blue wall any day and throw in some subtle texture and we are onboard! We love this colour called "Blue Velvet" against stark white and clean accessories to really create contrast and accentuate the negative space.

A blue with modern living in mind, soft enough for any space but more cheerful then traditional greys. "Resort Blue" would work with ease throughout the home but we think a bedroom space could really benefit from this subtle textural finish.
Haymes Artisan Collection will be available later next month so get your paint brushes ready!
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