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Behind the Brand: Corinthian Doors

13 Aug 2022

Choosing doors for your home can be a difficult decision, especially with the abundance of choices now on the market. When designing the look of a single room or an entire house, in most cases, a homeowner wants doors to be more than just an opening to a home or room. The style, colour & material of your door can be a starting point of something amazing and can flow onto every piece of furniture, every fabric and every dressing in the room. Over and above the practical needs that doors provide, doors also need to incorporate specialised aspects such as technology, security, energy efficiency & acoustics.

That’s why we have chosen to use Corinthian Doors, Australia’s leading manufacturer of timber doors, for our recent project, the Barefoot Bay Villa in Byron Bay. They have an extensive range of products to suit a range of home designs, a total commitment to customer service and innovation, as well as priding themselves on enhancing the beauty and functionality of homes via quality designed door solutions. Melissa Bonney, Director of The Designory, chose doors from the Moda White Oak and Moda Barn door ranges for the interiors at the Barefoot Bay Villa. This was an easy choice as all of Corinthian Doors’ timber doors are textural and unique. We love that it has the flexibility and the texture shines through. It is also great that it comes in its raw form and you can add stain or paint to it. Throughout the entire design process, Melissa used the American White Oak sample from Corinthian Doors as a way of sourcing the other interior items in order to create a cohesive design. Everything amongst the interiors was matched to these American white oak doors which created for an outstanding design process.

Read on below to get a learn more about Corinthian Doors and to get a behind the scenes look into the brand…

Tell us about Corinthian, how are you making beautiful doors accessible and affordable? 

As Australia’s leading manufacturer of timber doors, Corinthian offers door designs and other products to suit any home style, functional need and budget. Established in 1942, from day one the iconic brand has been focused on innovative door manufacturing technology which has enabled us to make the latest door designs available and affordable to the market.

What’s more, our parent company, JELD-WEN, is the world's largest supplier of timber doors and windows. They bring global, industry leading insights and processes to our business, ensuring that we continue to design doors and door systems that align with the latest local and international trends in architecture and interior design. A few recent examples include the use of American White Oak veneer across ranges which have been featured at The Designory’s Barefoot Bay Villa in Byron Bay, including our new Moda White Oak and Moda Barn Door interior door collections.

Why has the Corinthian brand been so successful at creating outstanding products?

Corinthian’s success comes from, not only understanding and knowing what our customers want and delivering it, but also our purpose to educate them on the importance of doors in the design of a home.

Doors are often overlooked by homeowners, but they are not just for opening and closing (or sliding for that matter). They can help announce your stylistic choices, create continuity, provide privacy between spaces and make a statement in a prominent place. 

What sets the Corinthian brand apart from other door manufacturers?

In two words, experience & commitment. With over 75 years of continued success in Australia, Corinthian has a unique perspective on creating beautiful doors that meet the needs of modern-day homes. This can be seen in our on-trend collections that mix tradition and modernity.  Examples include ranges where design inspiration has been based on aesthetic principles of the Shakers (The Moda Collection), Art Deco (The Deco Collection) and Modernism (The Blonde Oak Collection). In addition, complimentary products, such as frames, sliding systems and mouldings help secure the look.

Corinthian Doors offers its experience and expertise to consumers through its dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals across Australia. Each team member from sales to the manufacturing floor, are fully trained, so customers can be assured of friendly service, consistent quality & total reliability.

How do your doors maintain such a high quality of environmental sustainability?

We heavily rely on timber, which is a renewable resource. We are very mindful to ensure that environmental concerns are being met and that we source our timber from countries & regions that practice the highest levels of forest management.

What type of doors would you recommend for someone with a low-cost budget?

Corinthian produces options for any budget, starting with a range of lightweight honeycomb door designs through to solid stile and rail joinery door construction.  Our affordable Decodoor collection is perfect choice for someone with a tighter budget.  With 15 modern routed door designs across the Deco range you also don’t have to compromise on style.


What are some of the new doors you have in stock at the moment?

Corinthian is continually updating its range in line with home and architectural trends. Currently this has meant creating ranges that accommodate individuality through versatility. This led us to launch such ranges as the Moda White Oak Collection and now Moda Barn Doors, both of which are featured throughout The Designory Barefoot Bay Villa home in Byron Bay.  To complement these interior ranges and to achieve a seamless aesthetic throughout your home, our new Blonde Oak entrance door range is a perfect choice.

Why should someone look at updating their homes doors?

Aside from purely practical reasons of providing security, privacy and making a home more comfortable, both internal and external doors play an important role in the overall design and aesthetics of a space.

As the main entrance to your home, the front door can set the scene of what lays within. Is the home traditional or modern, coastal or city-slick, private or welcoming? Thefront door is also one of the easily improved and potentially creative spaces on your façade.

Just as important, internal doors should complete the look of the room, and reflect the style, colour and design of the space. Whilst functionality is key, updating internal doors can really lift a space, refresh a tired room and even provide a better use of space by choosing a door more suited to the layout of the room.  Simply put, doors can make a statement of their own and by updating, can add to the overall style, comfort and ease of living in your home.

You can explore more of Corinthian Door’s amazing pieces on their website.

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