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How to Get It Right: Wardrobe Lighting

12 Aug 2022

Do you light up when it’s time to get dressed in the morning, well if not, at least your wardrobe can! Robes have been trending on social media over the past few years thanks to many celebrities taking us into their homes and lives. As a designer, we want to be able to create solution-driven spaces which make living a breeze, whilst also looking good! For us, a well-designed wardrobe should look amazing with or without a Louboutin collection (although, it does help!). An under-considered inclusion in a wardrobe is often lighting, but it can have a huge impact on how you can use the space. We used the amazing options available in Stegbar’s Galleria Wardrobe Collection in the bedroom wardrobes at The Barefoot Bay Villa to allow for easily integrated lighting inside the robes. Because this home is for holiday letting, we wanted to create as much ease of use for our guests in as many spaces as possible, and this meant in the wardrobes too. The integrated track lighting on the shelves means that you can find everything with effortlessness and gives a chic seamless finish. These wardrobes are walk-in, as well as one that is walk-through, so it was important that each one was as lit up as possible considering that they were prone to darkness.

We’re all too familiar with the traditional bad lighting when trying clothes on in a change room and that is the last thing we want to run into when getting dressed in our own wardrobe! A balanced system of wardrobe lighting saves time that is usually invested in finding items and it brings an element of fun to your dressing experience. Plus, there’s nothing more luxurious than a thoughtful lighting design that makes you instantly feel as though you’ve walked into a boutique every time you stroll into your wardrobe, it should highlight your beautiful collection of bags or stunning pairs of shoes. Whether your walk-in robe is large or small, illumination is important none the less to the experience as a whole, no one wants to leave the house with mismatched socks on! So, as it shows in the image above, the pink bedroom (the two left images) wardrobe is a fresh white colour which complements the rest of the room. Incorporating the integrated lighting in the top shelf helps to flood the space with even more light, giving it a fresh, white light for ease of navigating the entire wardrobe, even on dark days. Whereas the green bedroom (the two right images) wardrobe is a sophisticated grey colour which gives it a tranquil feel to complement the green colour of the room. Because this colour is darker, it was important to have outstanding lighting to light up the space in order to avoid that overall dullness from the dark colour. Considering that both wardrobes are walk-ins, they are prone to more darkness and the Galleria LED lighting is the perfect solution, it is one of the most effective ways to get the uniform and bright light inside your wardrobe section. This type of lighting ensures that every item within the wardrobe is lit well in order for you to find. When you’re getting dressed in a wardrobe, illumination is always helpful when it’s perfectly installed inside of the robe as well. The integrated lighting, we used in the robes was an easy addition that didn’t require anything from our end which was the best part! The Stegbar team installed it into our customised robes so that we could just watch the robes come to life.

If you’re interested in this lighting, The Galleria lighting system by Stegbar simply requires a General Power Outlet (powerpoint) in order to operate. Stegbar’s lighting system is a warm LED strip lighting system, where the LED strip is discretely hidden away in an aluminum extrusion, recessed into the wardrobe joinery. The great aspect of using this type of lighting in your wardrobes is that you are offered complete flexibility and personalisation of lighting. Each wardrobe lighting system is designed to suit the client’s needs. There are three options to operate Galleria lighting. Via intuitive sensors, a remote control or app operation on your hand-held device. The app gives you complete control over your wardrobe lighting. Create zones, dim or brighten the lights to your mood or set timers.

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