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A Tour of the Rogerseller Showroom

12 Aug 2022
Established in Melbourne in 1895, Rogerseller quickly became renowned as premium retailers, manufacturers and importers of mantelpieces, grates, sanitaryware, tiles and door furniture. Spanning three generations, their family-owned business has led the way in providing Australia with the most beautifully designed fittings for the living environment. Today, their focus is on supplying the finest bath ware and kitchen cabinetry solutions in the market.
Their commitment to premium bath ware is why we chose to go with their amazing range of tapware for our project, The Barefoot Bay Villa at Byron Bay. We used the Eccentric by Rogerseller shower collection in the bathrooms as the pieces are sleek, timeless and beautiful. For the tapware, we used the ‘brushed nickel,’ it’s a timeless piece that will stand the test of time.
We also had the amazing opportunity to drop into Rogerseller's Melbourne showroom to discover their amazing range of tapware and bathroom essentials.
We had the chance to drop into the Rogerseller showroom in Melbourne to discover their amazing range of tapware and bathroom essentials. Check out the video here and let us show you around.
If you're looking to complete a full home fit-out or simply searching for some design inspiration, head into one of Rogerseller's awe-inspiring showroom spaces across Australia, their experienced team of Showroom Consultants are trained to provide home renovators with design guidance, product advice and technical information based on your unique requirements.
You can explore more of their amazing pieces on their website.
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