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The Wardrobes at The Barefoot Bay Villa

11 Aug 2022

When you wake up in the morning and need to rush out the door to make an appointment or get to that early morning workout class, there’s nothing worse than sifting through a pile of clothes in your wardrobe in order to find that one piece of clothing you need. It creates unnecessary stress and worse, it can make you late! To avoid this all-too-common morning scenario, we believe in creating great wardrobes within a space that are tailored to meet your needs and provide solutions to storage issues. Ideally, having all of your clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories organised into drawers, shelves, and hanging rods will make you feel as though you’ve walked into your favourite boutique with everything organised to perfection, what a dream! The best part is that it doesn’t have to just be a dream, so our go-to is the Stegbar Galleria Collection to turn our dream wardrobe into reality. They actually provide interior, customised solutions to small or unique spaces to facilitate your lifestyle seamlessly. Whether it’s in the form of a pull-down hanging rack to effortlessly make smart use of high spaces and ceilings or simple drawers to organise the endless number of shirts you own. So, we’re super excited to have included these customizable Stegbar Galleria wardrobes at our latest project the Barefoot Bay Villa that allowed us to style our wardrobes to the core, from handles to finishes, shelves to doors. Read on below to find out which wardrobes we chose for each space within the home…

The Pink Bedroom: We chose a walk-in Galleria Wardrobe in Polytec Ultra-White Venette finishing for this room with integrated LED track lighting that keeps it feeling spacious and light even though it is quite a small space. Even a wardrobe which is relatively small in size can be big on style when you plan it out carefully. Because of this, we chose to include customised pull-out drawers, hanging rods, and shoe racks in order to maximise the space for its needs. It truly feels like a luxurious place to get dressed in the morning which is what we aimed to create. The most amazing aspect of these custom wardrobes is that the team install them, so you don’t have to even touch an Allen ke

The Green Bedroom: In contrast to the fresh and fun white wardrobe opposite in The Pink Bedroom, The Green Bedroom was all about creating a relaxing haven for our holiday guests. We created a custom walk-in Galleria Wardrobe that was done in a Polytec Grey Canterbury Venette Finish. It still gives a sophisticated, yet tranquil feel that matches the colours of the green room. These custom wardrobes make it easy for you to put your stamp on the collection and get any look you desire. Again, we used an integrated LED track lighting to light up the darker space, as well as included custom black handles to match the grey pull-out drawers. We also included hanging rods, shoe racks, and shelving. Watch the video below to get a tour of The Pink & Green Bedroom wardrobes:

The Duo Room: This room needed a compact yet well thought out design to fix the storage needs of the space. We used the Galleria Wardrobe in Polytec Natural Oak Ravine finish to inject neutral tones and elevate the bedroom space. We designed distinct, custom wardrobes to make clever use of interior organisers. The shoe compartment at the bottom of the wardrobes also helps to lift the shelving up, making the room appear larger.

The Master Bedroom: This custom walkthrough Galleria Wardrobe was particularly designed around the master ensuite. Because the room is situated so that you walk through the wardrobe into the ensuite, the wardrobe needed to perfectly match the natural finishes used in the adjoining bathroom and bedroom. With clever solutions like integrated lighting, drop-down hanging rails and glass-topped drawers, this makes for a flawless master wardrobe. Watch the video below to get a tour of The Master Bedroom & Duo Room wardrobes:

You can explore more of Stegbar's amazing wardrobes on their website.
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