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Design Report: Design Made 2017

25 Aug 2022
Armed with a passion for interiors and an industrial designer as a husband, The Designory’s Marketing & PR Manager, Cat Brown, attended DesignMade last week to explore the vast range of contemporary furniture, lighting, object and design brands exhibits all under the one roof. Held at the amazing Sun Studios in Alexandria the opening was a 'who's who' of the Australian design industry- all out in force to support the rising design stars showcasing their wares throughout the exhibition.

One of the most poignant things we noticed throughout the evening was the focus on collaboration, something which is what Australian design is built on. Whilst all the stands and spaces highlighted a particular designer, collection or brand- we were most excited to see how many were a true collaboration- proving that nothing works in isolation in design.

Some of the standouts for us were. 

 Ross Gardam:

A long time standout in the design scene in Australia, Ross’s space was every bit as refined and minimal as the pieces he created. We loved seeing some of his feature lighting pieces up close and personal- demonstrating that minimalism is all about the precision of craftsmanship, something he specialises in. 

 Mr Frag:

The Designory is a huge fan of Frag’s work and we often specify his dowel stools for our own developments and client projects. We adored the fresh navy finishing of his Matisse Armchairs, a more Sydney look for this design he launched in Melbourne at Denfair earlier this year. His new selection of Reed stools is everything we have been dreaming of - a seamless fusion of modern powder coated metal and natural timber- sign us up! 

 Jam Factory:

The offering from the Jam Factory has always caught the teams eye, but Australian made glass lighting couldn’t get much better than the gorgeous KC pendant lights which were installed in full force above a table of Jam factory’s signature tabletop essentials. The modern, yet timeless shape and range of subtle ombre tones are perfect for above a dining table or in the bedroom. 

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