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Bringing the design to DIY

25 Aug 2022

In today's renovating world, the concept of DIY has become much less taboo and is now a common avenue which most homeowners explore within a project. With shows like The Block paving the way and businesses like our own now sharing a behind the scenes look into the building process on social media, as we have recently done on our Ayana House project- DIY is very much on peoples minds. DIY is now at its peak and many companies are now creating a DIY edge to their own businesses, empowering the average homeowner. DIY Online Blinds in one such company, their incredible shutters have just been installed in our Ayana House project and we cannot wait to use them again and again. We recently visited their factory in Melbourne to find out more about their business and why the process of buying blinds, shutters, and curtains is now so effortless for homeowners- watch the video of our tour and read the blog below. 

Tell us a little bit about DIY Online blinds, what is your story and what makes you unique?

 Liam and I met when we were working side by side for a large Superannuation fund. We both had previous backgrounds that covered Marketing, Business Development, and Product Management. With a passion for online platforms and the user experience we set out to start our own business and by chance stumbled across the window furnishing industry.

For years brick and mortar window furnishing retailers, a number of whom still operate under dated franchise models, have dominated the industry with the catchphrase “free measure and quote” which many consumers now recognize as code for “let our sales reps come and pressure you into a sale”.

We approached the design of DIY Online Blinds with the aim to clearly communicate to our customers how simple it is to measure and install themselves, whilst shopping at their own pace in their own home. With the large demographic reach of being an online retailer, we were quickly able to offer customers the most competitive prices for high-quality Australian made blinds, shutters and curtains.

Why should people embrace the philosophy of DIY?

 It’s cool to DIY! Not only can you save a considerable amount of money but you also feel a great sense of achievement when you do something yourself and it looks fantastic

For many years people have happily purchased cheap imported window furnishing from large hardware retailers and installed these off the shelf products themselves. What we have done is created a platform that allows customers to customise their own window furnishings that look great and fit perfectly at a super affordable price.

What is the difference between your business and the more traditional window furnishings businesses?

Firstly, so many people now choose to shop in their own time at their own pace.

Traditionally people have had to pay a massive premium for high-quality window furnishings in Australia. Until very recently the industry has been dominated by traditional retailers will generate sales leads through mediums like TV and radio and then send salespeople into the customer’s home (with some using more hard-lined sales techniques than others.

We offer an alternative to this, where customers can select different fabric designs, textures, and colors via our website, which are sent to their door via ExpressPost. They then have the convenience of selecting what works best for them in their own time. When they are ready to order the follow our easy how to measure instructions, create their order through our website and we manufacture them. The blinds are then couriered to the customer’s front door so they can follow our easy how to install instructions for a simple professional finish

For customers who aren’t quite sure we have a team of experts who can help out via phone or internet and for those who’d like to have someone check their measurements and install for them we can arrange this in most areas.

Secondly, the entire user experience for the website has been developed, tested and refined over a number of years (still happening to this day). We also make the process of DIY super simple with our videos and how to guides.

With the articles we’re writing and content we’re curating we want to support our customers to make the best decisions for their home. We utilize social media to create a forum where people can make decisions based on the results and feedback from previous customers as well as design advice from our interior design and stylist friends

We want to create a bespoke experience where our customer in the driver's seat and provide a safety net through generous guarantees and warranties

Finally, we’re quick! Our turn around is pretty good if we don’t say so ourselves! We can have blinds made in 2 days and shutters made in as little as 2 weeks

 What role does design play in your business?

 We focus on a number of elements in design. From mapping out our customer journey and the aesthetics of our website, to working with leading designers and colorists to create new on-trend fabrics. A design mindset underpins everything we do. Every single interactive touch point, from the front and back end of our website, was designed with the total commitment to creating a simple yet positive experience our customers. As interior styles evolve and change so do our products. We work closely with our fabric manufacturers both locally and internationally to ensure that we deliver high-quality products that are always on trend.

The processes, products, and services we offer have the customer at the heart of everything we do so how we communicate and connect with our audience is well thought out and absolutely intentional.

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