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Building the perfect Home Bar

24 Aug 2022
  1. A gorgeous bar cart is a great way of creating a stunning home bar on a budget. In our Paddington Townhouse project, we used a brass cart on wheels which allowed the client to entertain with ease.
  2. Nothing ever beats custom joinery, except perhaps your guests faces when you open your cabinet and reveal it! Design by Carval Hoai.
  3. A wine fridge installed on an under-utilised space in your kitchen joinery, like the side of your kitchen island will allow someone to make drinks without interrupting the flow of the chef. See more images of our Bronte House project here.
  4. In our North Bondi project, we designed the joinery to keep all of the client’s spirits organised with glass fronted drawers hidden behind the cabinetry door.
  5. For a home bar where space is no issue having a tall wine fridge next to a beer fridge gives you the best of both worlds like in our North Bondi project.
  6. Want a wine fridge but don’t want it to interrupt the look of your kitchen joinery? Enter the cool drawer from Fisher & Paykel which we used in our Ayana House project.
  7. We love the reveal of a full home bar hidden behind these bi-fold doors by Minosa Design, what’s not to love?


  1. HALO Wine Storage Cabinet from Zuster. 2. 144 Bottle Wine Fridge from Fisher Paykel. 3. Crab Claw Bottle Opener from The Design Hunter. 4. Palm Springs Bar Cart from The Design Hunter. Miami Bottle Opener from The Design Hunter. 6. Lombok Tray Set from The Design Hunter. 7. Indulgence Champagne Cooler from Georg Jensen.

When it comes to stocking that home bar and mixing up something special when visitors come knocking, we decided to ask some experts! We caught up with Scott Mileto, director of The Good Time Only Group and James O’Donnell venue manager at Dagwood Bar and Kitchen. When it comes to creating a fabulous home bar Scott thinks it all comes down to fabulous banter which makes having a great time easy, while having some “excellent alcohol on hand and fresh ingredients” doesn’t hurt either, added James.

James has been slinging cocktails since 2011 so you could say he is a bit of a cocktail connoisseur. His suggestions for your next cocktail party is Bellini’s to start and an espresso martini once the meal is over. Scott’s picks perfectly reflect his expertise as an owner of 3 outstanding venues- keep it simple with a Margarita before dinner and a Negroni afterward.

A home bar is nothing without the right wines and spirits to fill it. Here are some of our favourites from some amazing Australian Distilleries:

Botanic Garden Grown Gin: This gorgeous Australian made gin is somewhat of a collection item with a limited run of only 1,000 handcrafted bottles. Made in collaboration with the custodians of Sydney’s iconic botanic gardens. The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan’s mantra is ‘no plants no future’. Which also means, no gin. So, it’s very important. That’s why profits from this bottle go directly back to their vital conservation initiatives. Add to your collection here.

Original Garden Grown Gin: The original gin, perfect for a G&T. Handcrafted from Australian Botanical, this will become a staple in your home bar. Fancy a tipple?

Illegal Tender Distillers Cut: This is unlike any other rum. Crafted in Western Australia it has a very pleasing after taste, light warmth that will dissipate to the back palate and warmth filling your body – The way it should be! A fantastic edition to any well-stocked bar for the imaginative bartender. Cheers.

Illegal Tender Spiced Rum: For real spiced rum lovers this product is the epitome of luxury and quality. Made from quality local Western Australian and Australian ingredients it is the first edition of this boutique distilleries range. There is no sugar in this product and all spices used have been distilled from their source giving it a quality taste! Get yours here.

Mr Black Coffee Liquor: A true Sydney local, each and every bottle is made by hand at Mr Black’s coffee roaster just north of Sydney. With half the sugar and ten times the coffee of other coffee liquors this one really packs a punch. Mr Black in the cold brew liqueur for coffee purists. Fancy a nightcap?

Mr Black Amaro: For lovers of the original Mr Black’s the Amaro is crafted by Master Distiller Philip Moor and is an example of his 30-year botanical obsession. The perfect Espresso Martini at home calls! Can’t resist?

Underground Spirts Vodka: A multi award winner this vodka which is crafted in Canberra from high quality Australian wheat. The crisp finish makes the vodka the perfect drink to enjoy solo or in a cocktail. Cin Cin!

Underground Spirits Gin: The soft citrus and freshness of river mint evident in this gin makes it the perfect bottle to have on hand for mixing fresh and fruity gin cocktails. It’s also won a huge range of prizes so you know it has to be good! Salute!

The Everleigh Bottling Co: For those nights when you don’t feel like mixing up the perfect cocktail the Everleigh Bottling Co has done it for you! Their classic cocktails come in a perfect single serve bottle which is packaged elegantly so you can pour it right in front of your guests- Just add garnish… these are our favourite: Negroni, Martini & Old Fashioned but they have a huge range to select from.

In need of more inspiration? See our Pinterest Board dedicated to home bars.

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