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Outdoor Entertaining Solutions for any space.

24 Aug 2022

We recently received an Instagram message from @kimjaneczko who needed built-in BBQ inspiration ASAP so we decided to share some of our favorite spaces, products, and furnishings for a gorgeous outdoor entertaining space.

 Here are some of our favorite alfresco spaces & tips:

  1. Ensure that your outdoor entertaining area flows to the inside selections cohesively. In our Bronte House project, the concrete table and modern Kartell Chairs perfectly reflected the textured interior.
  2. Custom joinery is a luxe addition to your outdoor space. A custom design will allow you to add all the things your space needs. In our Ayana House project, we were about to create a gorgeous outdoor bench seat zone which integrated the BBQ.
  3. Don’t forget about your plant selection. A great solution in areas short on floor space is a “green wall” which takes advantage of the vertical space of your exterior – and takes care of itself through water systems.
  4. Bench seating is always a great solution for outdoor spaces. As it is not a purchased piece of furniture you can make it as large as you need – meaning no millimeter is lost!
  5. Have fun with décor. Umbrellas, cushions, throws, and candles make a space come alive and shouldn’t be forgotten. After all, those are the elements that will allow you to enjoy the space.
  6. A bi-fold window which opens to the outside is a great way of creating an exterior bar, and a connection between the spaces.
  7. Think carefully about your outdoor furniture solutions so they don’t crowd your space. In a smaller home like our Paddington Townhouse, a few outdoor chairs in addition to the bench seat were all that was needed.

 Have you been searching for the perfect outdoor piece? Here are some which have caught our eye and should easily integrate into most exterior spaces:

  1. Lagoon Curve Outdoor Daybed from Globe West.
  2. Natural Instinct Beach Umbrella from Sunday Supply Co.
  3. Pineapple Outdoor Pots from The Balcony Garden.
  4. Hollywood Wood Chair from Harbour Outdoor.
  5. Kyoto Outdoor Ottoman from The Design Hunter.
  6. Bo Outdoor Table from
  7. Lagoon Outdoor Bar Trolley from Globe West.


 @grove_studio: Best natural and a design-friendly way to keep the bugs away? 

Cassandra: Allowing for screens to your windows and doors in design is still the best way to keep out those annoying insects, however with the popular indoor/outdoor lifestyle most of us like to enjoy, this can be more challenging. There are a number of retractable screens on the market that are designed to span across large openings and can easily roller away to the sides when you're entertaining. It can also help to add some naturally repelling plants to your outdoor entertaining areas, like lavender, rosemary, marigolds, and lemongrass.

 @msbalkanbeauty: What are the best materials for outdoor kitchen joinery that will be exposed to rain and sun?

Outdoor grade Solid Surfaces are great for bench tops and depending on a budget can be used for the joinery doors/shelving as well. This engineered finish comes in a variety of UV and heat resistant colours and looks and can withstand those outdoor Aussie conditions while giving you the freedom to dream big with your desired look.  If purchasing furniture for exposed spaces be on the lookout for teak – it’s natures best option!

 @anna_morell: Suggestions for unique outdoor materials and hardy types of plants? 

We love outdoor materials that tell a story and have a life of their own. Materials that patina over time like copper table tops or bar benches (in the shade) hang onto the cup stains from those dinner parties and add to the story of the home whilst creating a unique texture. Mirrors also are often overlooked for use outdoors, these can be great if you are short on space and can provide the illusion of lush green oasis when coupled with a bunch of plants – just check with your supplier about outdoor suitability. Bromeliads, succulents, Zanzibar gem, and “money tree” are some great potted plant options that practically take care of themselves.

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