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OUR EDIT: Products that change the way you cook.

24 Aug 2022


  1. White appliances are back with Fisher and Paykels new modern white appliance range. Since white kitchens still account for almost 50% of new kitchen renovations this range of appliances will look integrated without you having to spend the extra dollars on joinery. The white metal finish is definitely a modern take on the old school version! Pictured is the Freestanding Dual Fuel Cooker in 90cm width.
  2. Our designer Harriet’s favourite product at the moment is Neolith, a great product for kitchen benchtops. It comes in a variety of looks, either textured or solid colour and it’s resistant to high and low temperatures, scratching and UV rays making it an excellent alternative to marble or engineered stone.
  3. One of the items that is often hidden away in a cupboard is the microwave. In most homes this is a staple item so there are so great options to really consider it’s placement and include it as a true appliance on show in your kitchen. If you are doing a wall oven, we love paring these together to give a uniform look. Pictured is the Miele 45cm Compact Built-in Combi-Microwave Oven.
  4. Want your cooktop in your kitchen island but don’t want to have to add a bulk head or shaft for ventilation? Miele has solved the problem of having a separate unit and combined it with their new Induction Cooktop as an integrated ventilation system.
  5. Our associate director Cassandra may have found the perfect new appliance for busy entertainers. DCT (Dynamic cooking technology) by FRANKE makes cooking multiple dishes at different temperatures in the same oven… yes please for dinner parties and smaller kitchens.
  6. For a long time, we have been fans of instant taps such as Billi and Zip for bringing ultimate convenience to your fingertips in the kitchen. The Zip HydroTap Celsius All-In-One has gone one step further and includes boiling, chilled and sparkling water, plus hot and cold washing up water from a single tap - no more double taps at the sink!
  7. What you really need in the kitchen, is flexibility and functionality. The Fisher & Paykel Cool Drawer has this in spades! It provides five temperature settings- fridge, freezer, pantry, chill and wine. You can switch between the modes allowing you to change the way you use the appliance given your needs at different times of the year.
  8. The Asko Pro Series boasts Dual induction / gas cook tops… best of both worlds and can couple with downdraft exhaust for great island bench cooking solutions.


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