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25 Aug 2022

Trends can be a dirty word in the design world. This is because trends are so often coming and going, ultimately resulting in your home feeling dated. We have curated our edit of our favourite bathroom design features which are guaranteed not to date, making your bathroom space a design dream for many years to come. 


Credits : (clockwise from top) Architecture Art Designs | Island house on Tzia by Cometa Architects | Brooklyn Bathroom by General Assembly.

With rendered finishes now becoming state of the art in repelling mould and easy to clean, forgoing tiling your bathroom is now a bold and beautiful design choice. Reminiscent of traditional Moroccan and Spanish design this look is perfect for minimalists who want to keep a focus on a clean aesthetic. Whether you choose a natural finish, or even a trowled concrete finish, ensure that you focus on creating some contrast in the space. This is easily achieved with a modern tap preferably powder coated or in a raw metal (brass, bronze, copper) finish, chrome simply won't work with this look.

Credits : (clockwise from top) MCK Architects | Architect Prineas | The Designory Rose Bay Project | The Designory Ayana House Project.

The bathroom more often than not, features a large amount of tile, stone and artificial or acrylic finishes but the introduction of timber greatly warms up the interior space and has a strong impact on the design. Incorporating accents of natural timber to the bathroom helps to facilitate relaxation by bringing in a natural element to the design. 



Credits : (clockwise from top): Shelterness | The Architects Diary | Kilmore House by Intermode | Villa E by Studio Ko

 There has been a huge push in the last decade for architecture to embrace the exterior landscape. This has resulted in many homes incorporating large floor to ceiling windows into the house design, blurring the lines between interior and exterior. We love seeing windows being incorporated in bathroom design, after all, there is nothing better then soaking the day away in your bath taking in a stunning view.


Credits : (left to right) Lark & Linen | Leanne Ford Interiors

Black framed doors. This industrial doorway look is most well known to be used in office designs and modern home interiors. At last, it has made its way into the bathing zone with gorgeous black steel doors creating graphic and modern aesthetics which have real staying power.

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