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25 Aug 2022

One of the questions we are asked most often is how to create a gorgeous bedroom design which looks great but also feels great to be within.  Whether you want to re-design your master bedroom or make your guest bedroom more comfortable and cosy- we have the advice for you! We have completely redesigned this one bedroom space, from a blank canvas to two very different looks, by layering bedding and furnishings to suit. To recreate these looks in your own home click the links in 'Get the Look' and buy everything we used.

LOOK ONE: By the Sea.

Whether it is for your own bedroom or for a guest bedroom, investing in long-lasting and quality basics is the first step to creating your own bedroom sanctuary. Quality linens from Bemboka and Hale Mercantile were used in the bedding selections for this look, layered to emphasise a feeling a beachside calm. When buying linens we often suggest purchasing pieces which work together but don't match- this allows you to layer different colours and patterns creating texture and depth in the space.

Quality pillow inserts are also a must, not only for making your linen pillowslips look great but for the quality of your sleep too!!! We recently came across the pillows from Koala which are available in memory foam or plush, these are by far some of the best inserts on the market in Australia and we cannot recommend them highly enough. We used the memory foam for this look as it allows the guest to sink softly into their pillow- perfect for lazy sleep-ins!


Loom Rug from Koskela | Bemboka Fitted Sheet in Ash from The Design Hunter | Bemboka Flat Sheet in NEW colour Indigo from The Design Hunter | Hale Mercantile euro slips in Roy (email us to order) | Society of Wanderers Ruffle Pillowcase set (email us to order) | Koala Memory Foam Pillowcase Insert from Koala Mattress |  Accent Pillows from Linen & Moore (email us to order) | Terrazzo Sidetable (email us to order) | Monstera Palm from Garden Life | Bamboo Cloche pendant light from Koskela

LOOK TWO: Warm and Neutral

When decorating your space try to use the design to appeal to the five senses, this will ensure that your space is a wonderful place to be. Here's how.

SIGHT: Choose colours which work harmoniously together, especially in a bedroom design. All the hues should work together and emulate a sense of calm.

TOUCH: Fill your bedroom space with a mix of tactile soft furnishings which make you want to reach-out-and-touch; linen, velvet, silk, chunky wool and natural hides are our favourites.

SOUND: The bedroom should always be a quiet zone. If you have timber floors or tiles in the bedroom try adding a rug to the space to avoid creaking or footstep noises. Adding heavy linen curtains to your windows or even a plush bedhead is a great way of absorbing sound and making the room feel cosier.

SMELL: This is a very important one. A beautifully perfumed candle or oil diffuser does a great job of setting a calm mood. Did you know that memories are made by aromas? These are our favourite scents for the bedroom, if you love sweet scents try Lumira's Persian Rose Candle or if masculine scents are more your thing Lumira's Cuban Tobacco is a cult favourite!

TASTE: Don't underestimate the power of some fresh plants in making your room feel fresh- although you won't be eating your pot plants they help to purify the air and provide circulation of energies in the space.


Loom Rug from Koskela | Hale Mercantile Fitted Sheet in Tempest (email us to order) | Hale Mercantile Flat Sheet in Nox (email us to order)Hale Mercantile euro slips in Nox (email us to order) | Bemboka Pillowcase set in Ash from The Design HunterAccent Pillows from Linen & Moore (email us to order) | Koala Memory Foam Pillowcase insert from Koala Mattress |  Albino Reindeer Hide from The Design Hunter |  Willow Leather Tab Bedside by Globe West (email us to order) | Madonna Artwork by CMD Artistry (email us to order). 

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