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25 Aug 2022

Back at work and already daydreaming of your next tropical escape? Don’t worry, we are too. So to bring that sun-soaked experience a little closer to home, we’ve put together some of our favourite tropical interior ideas, that will transport you back to the palm tree paradise. Infusing tropical inspired pieces into your home or workspace is a fun way to make you feel relaxed year round and like with any trend, you want to avoid the kitsch and be selective with the pieces used. We’ve broken down the essential elements for you, taking inspiration from the minimal Miami Surf Club Hotel where elegant materials such as rattan, terrazzo and brass set the tone for the pops of green and palm tree motifs.

Elegant Tropics - The Miami Surf Club Hotel interiors designed by Joseph Dirand


 Whilst rattan is certainly having a moment in the spotlight, this timeless material can add wonderful warm-toned texture to your space. There are some great rattan products now on the market, ranging from armchairs, beds and wardrobes to lighting and accessories.

clockwise from top: NORMANN COPENHAGEN Salon Tray | Ay Illuminate Nama 3 Pendant Light | Arch Chair by Douglas & Bec | Kahli Occasional Chair from The Design Hunter | Curio Collection from Clickon Furniture


Indoor tiles are a great way to introduce pattern and divide up spaces in your home. Consider using tiles in unconventional ways, such as in your living area to bring personality and to complement other materials such as timber. Tropical palm motifs can look fantastic when used sparingly. Upholstery is one of the best ways to introduce it on feature pieces of furniture such as armchairs or stools. Tropical pillow cases are an easy and cost effective way of getting the look, without having to replace larger furniture pieces.

clockwise from top: "Jungle Palm" Wallpaper from Milton & King | Medina Marble Mosaic Tile from Earp Bros | Casa Fayette interiors by Dimorestudio. Habita Hotels, Guadalajara, Mexico


The most successful way to keep this trend elegant is through a considered colour palette. Stick to a crisp palette of mostly whites, cream and tan with accents of deep greens and brass details and finishes.

clockwise from top: Tonal colour palette of the Miami Surf Club Hotel | ICF Lamp by Michael Anastassiades for Flos | TS Table by Gubi available through Cult


Layering natural textures is a great way to add interest to a monotone colour palette. Think linens, cottons, leathers, grasscloth and jute. And for a little touch of luxury introduce materials such as velvet, silk and fringing.

clockwise from top: Fringe cushion from Jardan | Sugar Rush rug from Tigmi Trading | J'Jute Basket from Dunlin Home | Casper King Bed from The Design Hunter | Polaris Floor Lamp from The Design Hunter | Society of Wanderers bedding from The Design Hunter 

Whether you’re wanting to transform your home into a full-blown tropical palace or simply add some touches to remind you of cocktails, sunsets and turquoise waters our list has got you covered. 

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