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5 minutes with Rogerseller

25 Aug 2022

For over 120 years, Rogerseller has been a name synonymous with design.
With a mantra that aims to empower their clients to present unique design-led solutions that will last a lifetime at the core of their business, it is not surprising that Rogerseller has become the leader for designer bathware and kitchen products. We caught up with the Rogerseller team to discuss their insights into bathroom design & get their advice on creating a unique and beautiful bathing space.

What represents luxury for you?

Timeless contemporary design, quality materials and craftsmanship, simplicity and generous space

What is the importance of materiality on a space?

The quality, uniqueness and combination of materials within a space can be a hero feature which is why it’s a huge consideration in the design and selection of product within our portfolio. It’s something our product team and exclusive suppliers are continually exploring.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you see people make when renovating their bathroom?

Too many features or mix of styles, no storage, too cramped (ie freestanding bath squished in a corner)

The bathroom has now been elevated from simply a utilitarian space, what are some of your favourite ways to bring personality into the bathing space?. 

The integration with other rooms is a reflection of your lifestyle such as your bedroom, sauna / gym or the outdoors. Personality can be expressed through the style or finishes of selected products. The ability to customise these elements is vast. Other styling elements more commonly seen across the home can add personality and warmth including lighting, rugs, vases, plants, artwork etc.

We created the ultimate outdoor bathing zone at The Barefoot Bay Cottage for Barefoot Escapes used Rogerseller's Pinch Floor Mount Bath Outlet in "Graphite" and Apaiser Oman Bath, also available from Rogerseller.

How does Rogerseller offer a unique approach to bathroom ware?

We are constantly looking for novel and useful ways to deliver unique products. The most subtle feature whether that be a unique aesthetic, material or technological function can provide a wow factor. The ability to customise or develop bespoke solutions can empower our clients to develop a key differentiator for their specific project. Whether this is working directly with our exclusive European partners or the in-house design team at Rogerseller.

It's all in the details: Pinch Floor Mount Bath Outlet in "Graphite" by Rogerseller.

Tell us about the manufacturing process of some of your products?

Our manufacturer’s processes range from individually handcrafted artisans to precision automated engineering and mechanics. All our partners focus on sustainability and environmental respect as well as being continual innovators who never compromise the integrity of their products.

Where should people invest/save?

Definitely, invest in quality and save on how much you squeeze into a space, it's easy to overcrowd your bathroom, however keeping it simple based on your daily needs will save you $$ as well as giving you better design

What are the current trends in the bathroom you see emerging? 
Natural landscapes are still a trend, muted tones & textures through mostly timber & marble in various colours, smokey glass.
In terms of metallic finishes, we’re seeing more of a shift to softer monochrome tones in brushed & satin finishes (such as Brushed Nickel/Stainless Steel & Graphite)


How do design and intended use converge?  
The bathroom is still a very practical space with slightly varying environmental & user needs, it is important that the product is flexible enough to meet these needs and perform over the test of time. Design in about going over and above these fundamental needs and creating a product or space that appeals to the individual’s sensibilities and creates a lasting emotional connection.

In the bathroom spaces at The Barefoot Bay Cottage we used tapware from Rogerseller's 'Pinch' Collection with basins and baths by Apaiser. 

Design is central to aesthetic and use: The Arq Sink Mixer in "Graphite" by Rogerseller used in The Barefoot Bay Cottage. 

What is the best way to approach choosing products for your bathroom?
First of all, it’s ensuring the functional requirements meets the users’ needs & given environment, secondly, it’s choosing an aesthetic that is going to work cohesively in context and meet the users design sensibilities. The best way is still to meet a product in person, you are most likely going to have to live with it for 10-20years. 

What is it about Rogerseller that has allowed you to be leaders in the market for 120 years?

Our purpose at Rogerseller is to ‘’Excite with compelling design”. We lead with authenticity and quality in everything we do with a focus on innovation to ensure our clients are empowered to present unique design led solutions that will last a lifetime. Building mutually rewarding relationships based on trust, empathy and respect is part of our culture.

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