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Bathroom luxury with apaiser bathware

25 Aug 2022

Luxury means many different things to different people. One thing we can all agree on, however, is that true luxury is enduring, timeless and rooted in unwavering quality. We are often asked about how to design a luxury bathroom and the truth is, no matter the style or aesthetic, all bathrooms should incorporate luxury bathware. This is because luxury adds value, feels amazing and will last years and years to come. To find out more insights into the elusive luxury bathroom we called on Belinda Try, founder and director of apaiser, an Australian bathware company who crafts exceptional baths and basins from their trademark apasierMARBLE which is made up of Australian minerals. 

Where did the idea for apaiser come from?

It all started from my desire to create a sanctuary in the bathroom and transform it from a sterile and functional space to one of soothing and relaxation. This arose from my frustration in experiencing the bathroom industry offerings first hand and thus I set out to create my own solution of natural bathware products that also were sustainable and durable. Whilst at that time the kitchen had embraced natural based materials the bathroom was still a sterile space. The market was flooded with aseptic looking bathware products which didn’t have the look and feel I craved.

Apaiser was launched in 2000 and apaiserMARBLE® - the brand’s revolutionary material was the core of the brand's value and natural focus.

In the last 18 years, apaiser has evolved from a small Melbourne showroom to a global brand, whose products are featured in the most stunning hotels and resorts.

Looking back, apaiser has had a huge impact on redefining the role of the bathroom into a place of pleasure – a vital living space. By offering a beautiful, natural material and designing hand finished statement baths, basins and vanities, we changed the way the industry approached bathroom design. The bathroom is now a sanctuary that celebrates tranquillity and relaxation. 

 What represents luxury for you?


I also adore spaces or objects that evoke an emotional response and memorable experience.

Quality and durability are important to me. Having to travel a lot, I have come to appreciate products that can withstand a great deal of harsh treatment and places – luxury hotels and resorts - ­that offer a consistent and memorable experience. Luxury is not just about cost. Quality and how that makes you feel is far more important.

Luxury should also not be at the cost of our precious environment. Products should be sustainable and produced with minimal environmental impact. I am very proud that our brand reflects this commitment to sustainable luxury - we create high-quality bathware that lasts a lifetime, using natural and ethically sourced materials - recycled marble and minerals from the Barossa Valley.

What is the importance of materiality on a space?

Materiality completely defines a space. The materials you select will define not only the style of room, but the overall ambience and feeling derived from being within that space. Hard finishes such as concrete, stone and metal are immediately softened by adding textured surfaces and timber – bringing a sense of warmth to what is normally perceived as cold or sterile materials. Marble and precious metals give an impression of expensiveness and luxuriousness, whilst layering natural materials evoke a connection to nature. This creates a resort or spa-like experience. Materiality and one’s response to a space is very personal – clean, minimal spaces may be the ultimate luxury to some, whilst colour, movement and decoration may make another’s heart sing.

 What are some of the biggest mistakes you see people make when renovating their bathroom?

 When renovating a bathroom, there are three key questions to ask yourself. Who is the user? How will the space be used (long romantic soaks, quick invigorating showers, bathing children)? How do you want to feel in the space?

Consider ambience, layout, and material – lighting and storage also have a huge impact on the feel and functionality of the space. It should be a space in which you want to spend time, the bathroom is the place where we start and finish our day ultimately.

Don’t settle for quick and cheap solutions of renovating as the outcome will be disappointing. Choose the best quality products and materials you can afford and consider performance and functionality. Overcrowding is a big mistake, as is a lifeless, empty space. Poor lighting, lack of storage and lack of ventilation are other common mistakes when designing a bathroom.

Don’t be distracted by ‘trends’ or try to combine too many statement elements in one space. Start with one feature, and select other items to complement it. Don’t forget, a hero piece like a statement bath should have some space to ‘breathe’ but not too much – otherwise it can look lost in the room.

In our recent Byron Bay project for Barefoot Escapes, we used the Sublime Bath and Sanctum Haven Basin in the main bathroom.

 The bathroom has now been elevated from simply a utilitarian space, what are some of your favourite ways to bring personality into the bathing space?

Happily, bathrooms today are not limited to white. Bathware now comes in all sorts of fabulous shapes, colours and materials, so you can choose what suits your personality and style best.

Choose a piece or a finish you absolutely love and build from there.

Think about a sensory experience – touch, smell, sound and sight.

Play with textures - smooth, matte finishes interact with light very differently to glossy surfaces Timber can add another layer of texture and warmth. Darker colours and adjustable lighting will give the space a moody ambience. Incorporate a view or natural light, if you can, to create a connection to the outdoors.

Treat the bathroom as another ‘living’ space and invest in it as you would other living rooms in the home Personally I think it’s vital if you have the space to add occasional furniture and artwork to the bathroom. Bringing “life’” into the room with the introduction of some thoughtfully placed (real!) plants. Music, beautiful towels and scent are also a must for any bathing experience that allows one to truly relaxer and be soothed which is what we all crave!

Finally, don’t be afraid of colour if this is what makes you happy.

The Oman Bath which was used on the deck just off the master bedroom at The Barefoot Bay Cottage was a real standout, offering both design appeal and ultimate comfort.

 How does apaiser offer a unique approach to bathroom ware?

 Our approach has always been about design. apaiser is the world leader in customisation and creating perfect bathware pieces in response to a client’s needs. Whether tailoring a vanity for a private client to create the perfect fit or designing a bespoke bath in a specific colour for a hotel project, we have led the market.

Our unique approach to bathware design allows designers and discerning clients a platform for defining their own experience. From the complete freedom of BATH COUTURE - bespoke design, to creating the perfect fit with MADE-TO-MEASURE pieces, or selecting from our beautiful COLLECTIONS - designed and curated for you by the apaiser team, we work with you to meet your precise project needs. We strive to constantly innovate and delight our industry.

 Tell us about the manufacturing process?

 All apaiser products are handcrafted from apaiserMARBLE® - a luxurious blend of repurposed marble, combined with stone and minerals sourced from the rich soils of the Australian Barossa region. Each piece is hand finished to perfection by master craftsmen in our atelier.

Our revolutionary material has been developed with optimum performance in mind. Non porous, stain resistant and low maintenance, it delivers quality assurance and a naturally organic and sensual bathing experience.

Our mission is to create beautiful bathware that is sympathetic to and impacts benignly on the environment. In all phases of our process, we strive to produce a product with consistently low environmental impact. We are committed to manufacturing bathware which is sustainable, non-toxic and VOC free.


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