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5 MINUTES WITH: Margo from Solitude Body + Mind

24 Aug 2022

In today’s busy world it can be so difficult to make time to simply sit and enjoy the little things, reconnect and restore. This was something that Margo Reed is passionately combating with her beautiful range of Solitude Body + Mind bath rituals which make ‘me time’ a must! You might remember Margo from her time as our Head Designer here at The Designory a few years ago – it’s safe to say she has reinvented herself and has definitely applied her beautiful aesthetic and love of design to her passion for her new business! We loved the collection so much we’ve added it to our online curation of home essentials for The Design Hunter. We caught up with Margo to find out more about how Solitude came to life.


What does Solitude mean to you?

Currently, we live in such a demanding society where we’re always on – to our phones, our emails, friends, family, clients, colleagues, you name it someone wants us, so Solitude has such a positive significance to me. It’s carving time out from all the noise and allowing yourself to just enjoy.

What are your tips for a non-meditator to finding peace through your products?

All of our product blends have been created with essential oils that carry calming and grounding effects on your senses, so even if you’re not into meditating, just taking a few deep breaths in the bath will have you feeling relaxed. They’re also made up of all natural ingredients, which relax the nervous system and calms both the body and mind, so knowing there are no nasty chemicals going into your skin is a huge relief.

Both products have also been designed to create mindful actions within your bath experience such as watching the fizz of the bath cookies, feeling the oils moisturise your skin or swirling the salts into the water until they dissolve. By noticing these moments it’s already slowing down your mind from the day and creating peace. And for additional positivity, each product includes a “gratitude fortune” for you to reflect on from your day.

What is your daily ritual for a productive and peaceful day?

Every morning as soon as I wake I drink a large glass of water with apple cider vinegar and then sit for a 20min meditation. I’ll then try and get into nature with either a walk along the beach, a swim in the ocean or just getting my feet on the grass at some stage if it’s a busy day. Spending time for myself first means I now feel calm and grounded and I have the energy for the day ahead.

Tell us about some of your most exciting moments in the past year?

Gosh! There’s so many. Definitely seeing how much people love the products. Whether they’re buying to enjoy for themselves or to gift to someone else, the feedback has been so heart-warming.

Launching the site and seeing it all come to life had me in tears of joy and the first purchase from an unknown was definitely number one.

And being stocked in some of my favorite stores like The Clean Collective and The Design Hunter, hotels like Sofitel Noosa Pacific and a concept store in Singapore which is about to open have all had me pinching myself. And there’s so much more to come!



So you can get some Solitude into your life Margo is giving away a Nurture Pack which include a set of bath cookies and a large jar of bath salts, simply click the link below to enter! 

How to win? Simply head to Instagram...
1) Follow @thedesignory and @solitudebodymind
2) Tag two friends on the competition page who need a little Solitude in their life also!

Enter as many times as you like!

This competition is open to Australian residents only and is not endorsed by Instagram.

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