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10 Designer tips on Bathroom Renovation.

24 Aug 2022
Bathrooms have become more than just functional spaces, they’re now considered somewhere you can really bring to life your personality and create a space you truly love and nowhere showcases this more than social media.  We get asked countless questions about bathrooms and how best to create them, so we thought we’d share some of our design secrets with you! 
We asked Harriet Isaac-Cole, a Designer from our design studio, what her top 10 tips are.

1. To save costs keep your plumbing in the existing locations and spend your money on some gorgeous tiles and lighting and top it off with some beautiful tapware!

2. Be bold and try a patterned floor tile - this is something we are seeing more and more in bathrooms.  It allows you to inject something unique and in line with your personal style into the space.

3. A great space saver is a flush ceiling mounted shower head, perfect if you have lower ceilings. We especially love Cloud Cover from Rogerseller -  we can’t wait to try this in a project. It comes in both square and circular design and is both beautiful and minimalistic.

4. Mix and match paint and tiling for your walls, making the space feel less like a bathroom and more like another room in your house.


5. If you are short on storage and space try a mirrored storage cupboard partly recessed into the wall. This saves space and gives a nice flush finish!  

6. I always love walls sconces in the bathroom as it provides a softer light and is a great paired with an oversized free-standing mirror. The Design Hunter has a great selection of mirrors in a range of sizes, shapes, and colours. To get the look of our Paddington Townhouse project (below) try the Bjorn Round Mirror in White

7.Baths are obviously functional in any home, but can be a great feature in your bathroom as well.  Choose either a stunning free standing option if you have the space or try a sunken bath - the ultimate wow factor! 

8. Be smart with your bathroom purchases!  Spend more on key elements or hero’s in the room and pair them with less expensive pieces to create the overall look. Things like your fittings are a great place to invest, so definitely look for quality pieces that will stand the test of time. We are gravitating towards graphite and brushed finishes at the moment which will be enduringly classic as well as keep maintenance to a minimum with their matte finish. If you’re going to pursue a feature or handmade tile, cut back costs with more basic tiling on the floor or opposing walls to save some money. 

9. My top tip for a bathroom layout is always tuck the toilet out of view, either behind the door or to the side and instead make the focus the vanity or bath. 

 10. When choosing tiles for your bathroom make sure your floor tiles line up with your wall tiles. They don’t have to be the same size but you do want your grout lines lining up. You could do 600x600 on the floor and 300x600 on the wall or 300x300 on the floor and 150x300 on the walls.

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