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24 Aug 2022

We love being able to share with you the people behind the gorgeous items we use in our projects. We have been working with the team at  Loughlin Furniture recently on our Barefoot Bay Villa project in Byron Bay. Their range of gorgeous Australian made furniture is really changing the game and we couldn't be more thrilled to introduce you!

Tell us a bit about the Loughlin Furniture story and how you got to where you are today.

We started Loughlin Furniture in 2009. Jess was working as a Paralegal in a law firm at the time and I would work in a modest factory at Berkeley Vale through the week. On Saturdays, Jess and I would pack up our designs into our ute and box trailer then head down to Paddington Markets in order to quite literally 'get our product out there'. Those days were such an important part of our 'start-up', it was a brutally honest way to get feedback, plus it was great to research what was on trend and most popular in terms of furniture.

What is the design process like with your clients and how does it differ to other brands?

We still offer custom design furniture, but it is only a percentage now, we mostly deal with our product ranges and suit them to our clients' needs (sizing etc).

What do you drawn on for inspiration when designing for your range of products?

Rob is interested in design and architecture, so we follow a lot of brands on social media and sometimes ideas come from here, or otherwise, it has been something that we have desperately needed in our own home (ie. the Avalon coffee table and Barrenjoey stools) therefore - they become part of a range!

How do you ensure that you're constantly innovating when using the same material for your products?

The materials will always stay the same because we're passionate about working with timber, but combining them with other materials (for example concrete, steel) and experimenting with new finishes can completely change the whole look of the product.

How are your products responsibly sourced from private native forests and the NSW State Forestry?

We do rely on our timber suppliers to source the materials responsibly from the state forestry, in the early stages of Loughlin Furniture we were able to troll timber yards up and down the north coast and find the pieces by hand - which allowed us more time to speak one-on-one with the owners of the mills. However, as we have grown, time and demand haven't allowed us to do it this way. But in saying that, we only buy from a certain few suppliers and have good customer relationships with them.

What has been your favourite handmade piece to complete?

Hmmm probably our vanities, they have had such a positive response and we truly love seeing each different style as our clients' bathrooms come together and the end product can be revealed. It's really exciting.

How would you describe Loughlin Furniture in a few words?

I would say our brand has 'evolved', both living and growing up so close to the beach we love all things 'coastal', this combined with our constant love and appreciation of other brands out there, we grew our own signature look and we're over the moon with the positive response!

You can explore more of Loughlin Furniture's amazing pieces on their website. 
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