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Trend in Byron

13 Aug 2022

Have you ever been woken up at 6am on a Sunday morning from loud traffic, airplanes or, our nightmare, the dreaded leaf blower? City-siders, you will know this experience first-hand. That’s why we always consider sounds explicitly when building or renovating. By choosing an appropriate glass for your specific location, you can significantly reduce the amount of ambient noise that penetrates your home. Because of this, we knew we needed to choose the best possible window and door selections for our latest project, The Barefoot Bay Villa. Although the location doesn’t necessarily tend to loud noises, being in laid-back Byron Bay, we still knew we wanted to avoid all possibilities of that awfully dreaded 6am wake up on a Sunday morning. Choosing the right windows and doors not only helps with noise reduction within the home but brings in natural light, interconnects spaces, increase natural ventilation, creates a seamless view and keeps privacy where needed. So, read on below to find how and why we used Quantum Architectural Aluminium Windows and Doors by Trend in The Barefoot Bay Villa, to make this all possible.

Bringing in Natural Light with Louvres

Louvre windows are a great way to add a natural source of light into your home. For The Barefoot Bay Villa, we needed to keep in mind the orientation of the sun and the location of the home in order to best take advantage of these types of windows. We naturally wanted an inviting, warm and light-filled entryway to capture the relaxing holiday home that it is. We went with clear glass Breezway Powerlouvres by Trend to achieve the perfect look for this space, finished in Black Textura, a new powder coat matt finish that features a finely sandblasted texture. The clear glass louvres allowed for the natural flood of light to reflect onto the opposite hallway wall and keep guests warm as they walk down the corridor.

The master bedroom was another zone of the home where we wanted to create a peaceful retreat, naturally warm and light which is why we added in Breezway louvre windows alongside the bed. This produces beautiful streams of light that flood into the bedroom and a natural breeze that flows in during the day and at night, if open. We envisioned our guests in this bedroom curled up on the bed with a book, the light flooding in and the breeze gently cooling them off – what a dream afternoon!

We also used Breezway louvres in the green and pink ensuite bathrooms downstairs as they both back onto greenery along the side of the home. Keeping these bathroom windows open to the views and making each guest feel like they’re showering among the outdoors. With these louvre windows, there are no blocks to the view, no mid-rails, so this ensures for a great outlook, not to mention excellent ventilation.

Interconnecting Spaces with Stacking Doors

One of the biggest goals for The Barefoot Bay Villa was to create a natural flow between spaces throughout the home. We wanted to place importance on the indoor and outdoor connection so that the guests could utilise all of the spaces and not feel closed off from one another. Some of the spaces where interconnecting was especially important were between the kitchen, living area, dining area, and outdoor area. In order to make this happen, we chose the 5-metre lengthwise Quantum Cavity Slider Door in the living and dining area from Trend. We chose this so that the guests can open up the interior to the exterior by tucking the slider door away into a cavity wall. This allows the home to achieve the larger opening to connect the interior with the outdoors and allows for an extension of the living space outside. This was important as the outdoor area includes a large bench table where guests can use the Weber for barbeques and a beautiful pool. Having these spaces interconnected allows guests to enjoy all of the spaces - there’s no better way to enjoy a BBQ with your mates! Check out The Crossing Threads story here where our BBV guests did just that…

We also wanted to interconnect the indoors and outdoors in the two bedrooms downstairs. In order to achieve this, we chose Quantum Stacking Doors for both bedrooms. These bedrooms also backed onto greenery on the side of the home which we wanted to incorporate into the rooms as much as possible. These doors help the rooms stay cool and naturally let light in throughout the daytime.

Stacking doors were also used at The Barefoot Bay Cottage in the living space, which features the Botanica Timber Series by Trend Windows and Doors. Through ingenious design, these timber stacking doors don’t weigh a tonne, so they are easy to slide and open up the space. These doors allow the space to be flooded with natural light and let in the breeze when open, all while creating a connection between the indoors and outdoors.

Keeping Privacy with Casement Windows

We created a private hideaway in the master ensuite upstairs at The Barefoot Bay Villa using Quantum casement windows. These windows are placed next to a large bathtub from Apaiser, making for the ultimate luxury whenever you need it. It’s always important to keep in mind the functionality of your windows, as well as how they will make each person feel inside the home. Having a window nearby the tub ensures that the guests let steam out of the bathroom while maintaining privacy with frosted glazing.

Natural Ventilation with Awning & Casement Windows

Casement windows allowed us to control and create the perfect cross-breeze in the sitting room of The Barefoot Bay Cottage due to their wide opening arc and the manner in which they open. They allowed us to tailor the breeze to the guest’s preference whilst not compromising on design or natural light. These windows also enabled us to create the connection between interior and exterior to make the guests feel as though they are sitting amongst the trees.

Because of the hot and humid climate in Byron Bay during the summer months, we wanted to take advantage of cooling breezes and promoting natural ventilation with awning windows in The Barefoot Bay Villa. We strategically placed the Quantum awning motorised windows throughout the home in the living area and stairwell. Having a natural breeze come in through the living area was important as we wanted guests to be comfortable while relaxing on the couch. Also, the stairwell is always a spot that can get quite hot in a home so it was crucial that we had a window there where the heat can easily escape out of.

Create a Seamless View with Aneeta Sashless

We wanted to create an unobstructed view in The Sunny Room upstairs at The Barefoot Bay Villa where children could daydream and look out on the nature reserve with the sun streaming through. We used clear glass Aneeta Sashless windows from Trend in order to create this seamless view. There are a lot of planning rules you have to abide by when you’re designing on a second story, and in this particular room there is such a drop down to the ground below, you have to have height restrictions with the opening of your window. This type of window allows you to open the window from the top and the bottom to the legally required amount while still providing plenty of ventilation without compromising the view. Because this room was most likely for younger guests, we wanted to ensure that the windows were kept safe, but still also providing a nice breeze to flow in as well.

You can explore more of Trend Windows and Doors on their website.

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