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How to Switch to Solar

13 Aug 2022
As sustainability continues to become an increasingly important topic here in Australia and around the world, many people are looking for ways to introduce more elements of eco-friendly design into their homes.
One way of achieving this is through the use of solar energy storage systems such as the Sonnen home battery. Designed to efficiently store energy generated by solar panels, home batteries allow you to reduce your dependency on the grid and can save you significant amounts of money on your power bill.
Best of all, a number of states have recently introduced schemes to reduce the cost of home batteries and encourage homeowners to make the switch to cleaner energy sources. Read on to learn more about these government schemes and how you can take advantage of them.

Interest-free Loan for Home Battery in New South Wales

In mid-June, the New South Wales government announced the launch of the Empowering Homes program, which will help unlock up to $3.2 billion that can be invested in clean energy. This exciting new initiative is designed to encourage uptake of solar power and home batteries in NSW by providing access to interest-free loans.

Under the scheme, households with a combined annual income of up to $180,000 may be eligible for interest-free loans of up to $9,000 for a home battery system in NSW, or up to $14,000 for a solar-battery system.

The full details of the initiative are yet to be announced, but you can register your interest here to keep up to date with the program.

Rebate for Home Battery in Victoria

Victoria has rolled out a new initiative to help identify the demand for home batteries. The government is offering rebates of up $4,838 for a solar battery system for people in specific suburbs who already have solar panels installed at their property.

You may be eligible for a battery rebate in Victoria if:

  • You live in one of the eligible postcodes.
  • You have a combined annual household income of less than $180,000.
  • Your property is valued under $3 million.
  • You do not already have an energy storage system.

Please see the official website for more information regarding which postcodes qualify for the rebate and a full list of eligibility criteria.

Subsidy for Home Battery in South Australia

South Australia is also offering an exciting scheme for homeowners who wish to invest in home batteries. Under this initiative, South Australian households can receive subsidies of up to $6,000 off the cost of a battery.

Subsidy levels depend on the size of the home battery you purchase and whether or not you’re an energy concession holder. Households will receive $500 per kilowatt hour of storage they purchase, while energy concession holders will receive $600 per kilowatt hour.

Tapping into Clean Energy

Thanks to government initiatives and the growing affordability of solar technology, making the jump to clean energy has never been easier. We’re excited to see homeowners take advantage of these opportunities and bring their sustainable home designs to life.

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