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11 Aug 2022

Holidays for me are all about tropical locations with constant dips in the ocean and drinking coconuts between massages. While my latest trip to Thailand was all these things and more, it did have to come to an end and coming back to this cooler weather has been difficult.

So apart from “missing” your flight and staying put in paradise, how do you recreate the perfect getaway at home? 

Resorts are designed to make you relax and my favourite feature is walking into your villa and the bed is draped with fine linen netting to keep the mosquitos away. This piece is not only functional but sets the romantic theme of the room and your stay. 

This is an easy one to replicate and keep the romance alive when you get home and if you can’t install something overhead layer your bedding in fresh white linen for a relaxed look.

Another feature I love is an outdoor bathroom open to the elements. Our stay at Santhiya Resort on the island of Koh Yao Yai featured an open air bathroom behind the bedroom and a spa bath to the side which sat within the decking and overlooked the infinity pool and ocean beyond.

To create this one at home it doesn’t have to be extravagant and a garden shower or bath surrounded with planting for privacy could be just the trick.

Traveling intensifies all the senses and one that sticks with me throughout Asia is the sweet lemony scent of lemongrass. It’s delicious in meals, has a refreshing aroma and its healing properties are astonishing helping with depression (hello holiday comedown!), inflammation and fevers. 

I’ve included this scent back home by spritzing it in the air or adding oil to our oil burner for an instant refresh and to take us back time and time again.

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