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Designers Edit: Lighting to Transform Your Interior

11 Aug 2022

1. Our designers can’t get enough of the Ollo Pendant Grey Glass from Søktas. Its unique shape has been blown and formed with symmetry and a point of difference. The pointed tip adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness that is truly one of a kind.

2. Another current favourite is Flutter I by Paul Matter. The Flutter series is a system of fixtures that elevate the experience of functional lighting. Flutter is a swing arm wall light that boasts extraordinary long, rotating arms held by a slender, vertical spine. Flutter’s long arms provide functional light with an elegant armature.

3. We love the whole collection from Nightworks Studio, especially this Hide Luxe Leather Pendant that offers a unique marriage of vintage char and contemporary design, by incorporating both modern and traditional production techniques.

4. Wall lights are an excellent way to transform your interior and we are swooning over this Sol Wall Light from Søktas. It’s a flat disc shape made with quality Swedish clear glass that gives a unique one of a kind lighting design.

5. This Stone Effect Glass Bell Pendant Light is hand-blown into a traditional flagon shape. This pendant light has a stone effect through the glass giving it a wonderful organic texture, while the lustre of the glass finishes it into an elegant light.

6. The Terra 2 Wall Light from Marz Designs features two slip-cast lamp holders with unique brass or blackened brass detailing. A duo of ceramic cylinders stacked to form a bi-directional wall light suitable for both residential and commercial interior spaces.  

7. The Ollo Wall Light Duo in clear glass is the perfect addition to any space, its hand-blown round shaped glass makes for a truly organic and unique piece.

8. Another favourite is the Terra 0 from Marz Designs featuring a brass back plate and a short or long articulating arm the light is both directional and functional. The singular domed ceramic fitting creates a controlled light source.

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