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Designer's Edit: Things Catching Our Design Team's Eye This Month

16 Aug 2022

  1. as a side table or nightstand, it is sure to turn heads and spark interest.
  2. A current favourite for our designer, Harriet Isaac-Cole, is the Code Lighting System from Nightworks Studio. Code is a system of modular lighting components, arranged to create individual and beautiful light fixtures. Created with hand-blown glass and solid brass, the designs and namesake are drawn from the dots and dashes of Morse code.
  3. We love nothing more than finding unique bathroom accessories other than chrome such as this Acid Washed Brass Rail from Hepburn Hardware. The hexagon shape of the 600mm rail gives a subtle interest without being overbearing. Acid wash brass finishing is designed to patina over time with the brass undertones coming through, adding individual flair to each piece. Front fixed for a more relaxed style and easy installation, these rails can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, wardrobes and even as front door pulls.
  4. The design team is loving this new approach to a traditional breeze block. By transforming the breeze block form to provide a faceted modular block, OMNI allows for a multitude of new and innovative applications to be built and designed. Offering both straight and 45-degree angles to be achieved simply by flipping the brick, OMNI was designed and proportioned to allow for an array of angular forms to be created including but not limited to L shaped walls, undulating surfaces, columns and even coffee, dining and bar tables.
  5. This Malta Basin by Concrete Nation is a design-forward basin with a textured finish that accentuates the natural beauty of concrete. It is hand-pressed, making each piece uniquely different.
  6. The Bel's slim frame showcases a unique shape with a mirrored glass and powder coat frame. Our designers love that you can use this one as a feature on a wall to make any room pop. Designed by Jardan Lab.
  7. The Credenza is a rich study of material gesture; a composition of oblique handles that come together to form a dynamic yet subtle effect. It features doors that are carved from solid beech or walnut, including 4 drawers and two cabinets with adjustable interior shelving. We love that it is suitable to be used in the living area or a bedroom.
Our designers are also getting excited for the coming month when Rogerseller will be launching Tectonic Showers. A shower experience united and elevated by technology, Tectonic is patented and exclusive to Rogerseller, continuing to demonstrate the innovation and unmatched quality the brand is known for. Combining three essential elements that make up the perfect shower: water, light and steam extraction. Here is a sneak peek of what the new Tectonic Showers will look like, we can't wait to start incorporating them into our upcoming projects!

Check out our Pinterest for more inspiration from The Designory.

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