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Creating the Perfect Wardrobe

16 Aug 2022
It’s hard not to be inspired by fashion designer Marc Jacob’s wardrobe (photo below), and we’re not just talking about the clothes! Having an organised, perfectly designed wardrobe that includes the appropriate dividers, hangers, and drawers will make all the difference to your home experience and is a crucial aspect of any room design. So, we asked you to get in touch with us to tell us your wardrobe woes so we could help, plus we’ve thrown in some of our key tips we think about when designing a wardrobe! Read on to find out our take on designing the perfect wardrobe…

What is the best way to keep your wardrobe looking spacious and minimal without folding much?

Designing for your storage needs is the key to keeping your wardrobe roomy and minimal. Plus, if you’ve spent most of your life jamming your jeans and shirts into drawers only to spend hours looking for them the next time you want to wear them, it’s definitely time for a more functional space! Having a built-in wardrobe that has room for every item of clothing will keep you feeling organised at all times. A great feature to include in your built-in wardrobe for more space is a trouser rack, it’s the perfect place to start when looking to keep your wardrobe minimal and it allows you to view all your trousers at once! It will ensure your jeans, pants, or trousers, are neatly organised without having to fold them and they’ll be crease-free which is always a bonus. When you start folding your pants, trousers or jeans this can create large piles in your closet space which take up quite a lot of room that can be used for other items.

We love this handy trouser rack from Stegbar’s Tailored Collection from the Galleria Wardrobe Series. This is a great option if you are looking to add in those handy pieces into your wardrobe. With the Galleria Wardrobe, you get to play designer, deciding what type of wardrobe accessories, hanging rods, and colours you’d like to include. You can explore their collection here.

Having more hanging rods in your closet space will also help you avoid having to fold. What we love about hanging storage is that it allows you to see all your clothing in one space, making getting ready in the morning much easier. Keep you hanging at eye-height to maximise usability.

The built-in wardrobe below belonging to Justin Hemmes (photo below), the chief executive officer of the Merivale hospitality group, displays the difference hanging rods can make in keeping your closet organised and minimal. If only we could have our robes looking this amazing all the time!!!

Pull-out hanging racks are a great addition to any wardrobe as well, as they are great for scarves and ties, while drawers and wire baskets keep folded items neat and allow for easy access. Keeping drawers organised will keep the room feeling spacious, so consider using drawer inserts or organizers. When everything is in its place, it gives an overall minimal look to any wardrobe.

Should I buy shoe racks or have them custom-made?

We always believe that custom-made items will make for a more refined finish but there are great options available for either choice. Having a custom-made shoe rack will ensure that the dimensions are suitable for your particular wardrobe and will help to optimise the space. You can then add in as many racks as you need to in order to make sure all of your shoes are organised and placed away perfectly. A carousel-style shoe organizer is the best way to see all of your shoes at once, while also being able to tuck them away out of sight when needed. If you’re looking to include a custom-made shoe rack in your wardrobe, have a look at the Galleria wardrobe collection from Stegbar. Their Galleria wardrobes are custom designed especially for you, with your needs and style in mind. Plus, they offer a free design consultation at your home or in their showroom which makes for an easy wardrobe design experience.

When designing your wardrobe, sometimes your budget can hold you back from the opportunity to build custom-made shoe racks or your wardrobe space may not be big enough to fit all in. In these cases, we would suggest a few different options - one being to store your shoes in clear shoe boxes, this way you can easily find which ones you are looking for. Although they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option, they are the best secret to organise your shoes. Second, is to use boxes to store your shoes like the gorgeous ones below from Sagitine (available from The Design Hunter).

We have an 8x5 closet. Would hanging rods be better than a traditional built-in wardrobe?

A traditional built-in wardrobe will give you greater functionality and organisation. A wardrobe with just hanging rods risks having a mess underneath the clothes that are hanging; whereas with a built-in wardrobe, your shoes, knits, and accessories will have designated places. Built-in wardrobes allow you to completely customise them, creating them to be as individual as you. Include hanging rods above and a few simple shelves below which will allow you to fold and stack other essential items.

For wardrobes in a bedroom, you always want to conceal what’s inside to create a sleek, streamlined look. In this case, you’ll want to consider your bedrooms floorspace first. Ask yourself questions such as ‘is there enough space between the bed and wardrobe to have opening doors?’ or ‘would it save floor space to have sliding doors?’

Lighting is another key element to consider when choosing doors for your built-in wardrobe. Whether your wardrobe is a walk-in or a galley, the lighting will always make a big difference to the overall design. With a walk-in wardrobe, this layout can be quite closed-in which lends itself for less natural light in the room. Consider adding extra internal lights, overhead lights, or LED strip lighting to illuminate the underside of your wardrobe. With a sliding door wardrobe, you can use mirrored doors as an option to reflect natural light. This can help to brighten up a dark bedroom.

3+ metre ceiling heights – should we opt for floor to ceiling wardrobes? Or bulkheads or open wardrobes?

We suggest floor to ceiling wardrobes due to optimising space. Storage will always have priority when designing a wardrobe so make sure the height of the wardrobe is extended all the way up to the ceiling. It ensures for a more organised wardrobe as you’ll have optimum levels for storing items you don’t use every day like suitcases. If you’re worried about not having easy access to your items, make sure to incorporate pull-down rods, carousel shoe racks and/or pull-out shelves. This ensures that you’re using up all of the space possible and it is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

If you’re still looking for more guidance in creating the perfect wardrobe, we suggest exploring the Galleria Wardrobe Series from Stegbar. It’s the perfect solution to your wardrobe woes as it’s all about customisation and personalisation. You’ll be able to customise the space to meet your lifestyle needs via intuitive design and savvy accessories. Being guided by a Stegbar consultant will also ensure that your style requirements and functionality needs are more than met, and you can even discuss today’s current design trends and forecasts. Having an installation team that will manage the project to completion is always an added bonus too in our eyes! Explore their Galleria Wardrobe Series here.

In need of more inspiration? See our Pinterest Board dedicated to beautiful bedrooms.

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