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Creating Memories With Great Bedroom Design For Kids

13 Aug 2022
Is your child’s bedroom in need of a revamp? Just like designing an adult bedroom, designing your child’s bedroom is meant to be comfortable and functional; however, it also needs to spark their imagination and creativity so they can create wonderful childhood memories. Kid’s use their bedrooms for all kind of activities, they usually love to play, read, draw, paint, do their homework and daydream! Because of this, it’s important to design their bedroom to reflect their individuality and interests. We’re sharing our top ideas to create memories in kids’ bedroom design that your child is sure to adore.

1. Add Layers and Textures to Inspire

Layers and textures that will inspire your child could be in the form of showing off their pieces of artwork, adding quirky wall coverings and bespoke furniture, as well as introducing meaningful objects and decorations. If your child likes to paint or colour, rather than buying prints from an artist, why not frame their art pieces to create a gallery wall. Your child will instantly feel an attachment to their own work and feel proud of it. Introducing meaningful objects is a great way to create memories in your kids’ bedroom. Try adding objects they have collected on a holiday, photos of family and special moments. Children love to express their dreams so adding an element of navigation such as a large map will also double as a stunning decoration.

Far-left image is from the Ayana House project by The Designory. The top right image is from the Paddington Terrace 2 project by The Designory. The bottom right image is from the Bronte House project by The Designory.

2. Use Colour for Creativity

 Choosing a colour scheme for your kids’ bedroom is an expressive way to add creativity. Colours influence behaviour and mood, so using cool colours will have a calming effect and help to expand the room to feel spacious and relaxing. Whereas, warm colours will create for a comfortable and inviting space, just be cautious of using bright colours as this could stimulate and energize your child. Using wall coverings is another excellent way to add memories to kids’ bedroom based on their character and individual interests. It will allow them to get creative, to learn and grow, as well as a journey into the space that you have introduced for them. For example, the image to the far right below of the Bronte House project by The Designory has used a gorgeous feature wallpaper perfect for an adventurous boy to daydream of his future escapades!

The top left image is the Ayana House project by The Designory. The bottom left image is the Ayana House project by The Designory.

3. Allow Space for Imagination and Adventure

 Leaving space for kids to get creative such as making art and general mess-making is an important part of designing their bedroom. Little kids are especially full of imagination and are happy to just play around in their rooms most of the time so having the space to do this is essential. Allowing space for creativity can include having a reading zone full of books, a desk for art-making, storage spaces for kids’ toys, and even including little hideaway spots for kids to create adventures such as the bedroom design in the bottom left image below in the Kingsford house by The Designory.

The top left image is from Trendehouzz - Affordable Kids Bedroom Design. The bottom left image is from the Kingsford House project by The Designory. Far-right image is the Ayana House project by The Designory.

Making the most of your kid’s childhood years is especially important as they grow up so fast, so giving them the space to create their own memories is crucial to their development and letting their imaginations run wild.

In need of more inspiration? See our Pinterest Board dedicated to children's spaces.

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