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We discover WOW with Cavalier Bremworth

25 Aug 2022

Last week we were whisked away to Wellington by the team at Cavalier Bremworth to discover this year's World of WearableArts Show. The New Zealand based, but Internationally recognized awards show is an incredible testament to the innovational practice of materials and textiles based design. With a brand like Cavalier Bremworth's strong focus on developing unique and exceptional wool carpeting, the connection to the incredible showcase was clear. The show consisted of a theatrical performance which underpinned the showcase of models who paraded the array of incredible works of wearable art. The whole show could easily be described as awe-inspiring and showstopping... we cannot wait until next year!



Here were some of our favorite works:

This incredible Salsa style dress was crafted entirely of playing cards!





(left) This piece was a homage to the coral reefs and looked every bit as genuine as the real thing. Some of the pieces were slightly illuminated and danced as they would under water.










(right) Not all of the pieces were as conceptual, some were exceptionally wearable but no less showstopping. The below dress was crafted with latex paneling and we can image Nicole Kidman wearing this at an elite awards show, and we think she would be on the best-dressed list too!

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