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The Power of Natural Light

24 Aug 2022
The spaces we inhabit have both physiological and psychological impacts on us, because human beings have an innate need to connect with nature, this philosophy is referred to as biophilic design.Introducing biophilic elements especially light into our homes has a positive impact on both our wellbeing and energy levels. But it's more than that, research shows natural elements improve blood flow, heart rate, and stress levels and maximising daylight makes a room feel not just brighter, but bigger and more welcoming, too. 
So, whether you're renovating your home, adding an extension or simply looking for clever design tricks to make the most of natural daylight, below are some of our ideas for the best ways to create a light-filled home:

Add Skylights

Skylights can easily and quickly be installed in both flat and pitched roofs. They also allow about three times more light to flood into a room throughout the day than you would get with regular, vertical windows. Our design team loves to incorporate Velux skylights into a home as when they are installed you experience the transformation of different light values throughout the seasons. You experience priceless moments when you view the sun, the rain, the trees and even the stars through a simple product that can be considered 4 sticks and glass. Skylights are extremely important in our modern world as we currently have a worldwide problem happening where we spend 90% of our time indoors, which has lead to various forms of social disorders. Velux has recently launched an awareness campaign in the United States that highlights the effects of living unhealthy lives in our homes. You can check out their video of the 'indoor generation' and their powerful message that we all need to start doing something that will help one and all here.

  1. The Bondi House: A beautiful addition of skylights placed above the kitchen cabinets to bring light into the space. The Bondi house is a semi-detached home which has been completely renovated internally and given a full update with a refined, but relaxed coastal look to suit its owners and beachside location.
  2. Velux Skylights: These Velux Skylights bring light and warmth into this interior whilst also making the space appear larger and connecting it to the outside.
  3. The Paddington Terrace 2: One large skylight placed above the kitchen bench tops allows for the entire kitchen to be flooded with light.
  4. Bronte Villa: This kitchen has an overhead light that brings light and sunshine into the space. The objective was to blend the traditional with the contemporary, draw light into the home, and to create an open layout with a strong connection to the light-filled yard.

Use mirrors

Mirrors are a great way of reflecting natural light. As well as using wall-mounted mirrors, which create a great focal point, also consider mirrored furniture to maximise daylight,' says interior designer Kelly Hoppen.

  1. Waverley Living: A wall-mounted mirror perfectly ties together this living area and reflects the light coming through the window to create an even brighter natural light-filled room.
  2. Clovelly House 2: This mirror was a great way to bring light into a long hallway and use up blank space on the wall.
  3. Clovelly House 2: Mirrors were used as a slashback in this kitchen which opens up the room and brings extra light into the space.
  4. Queens Park House: A great focal point in this living area, this mirror was a great way to reflect the light flooding through the windows.

Choose lightweight fabrics for window dressings

Use sheer, lightweight fabric for large windows to allow the maximum amount of natural light to flow through your rooms while bringing warmth and texture to the space.

1. Paddington Townhouse: A family room that is downstairs can often lead to a very dark space. However, with the addition of lights and these sheer curtains hanging on the sliding glass doors, we were able to bring in a considerable amount of light downstairs.

2. Lugar House: Lightweight curtains in this bedroom spreads light all throughout the room, making sure that the colours are highlighted in the space.

3. Ayana House: Having this sheer curtain in the family room allows for the maximum light to fill the space. It reflects perfectly off the white cabinets and walls.

4. Paddington Townhouse: The clients for this home desired an airy, light and open plan, family friendly layout. These curtains allow plenty of light to come into the kitchen dining area. It's a beautiful look with the tranquil palette of grey, blacks and nudes.

Choose a pale colour scheme

Keep your colour palette light. White, as well as a variety of pale colours will reflect the light, while warm colours will absorb it. You can also use fabric with metallic accents, such as linens with silver weaves, to create highlights within the space.

  1. Paddington Terrace:  A white kitchen needs plenty of natural light to give it a softer look like in this kitchen here.
  2. Coogee House: The metallic splashback lets the all-white kitchen feel light and airy. It's a great accent to reflect the light.
  3. Randwick Home: This stair case landing space is kept light by using white paint and the added touches of window light coming through.
  4. Paddington Terrace 2: A neutral, tranquil colour palette allows the light to naturally shine through this living area.

Shutters for windows

We love shutters with a wide-slat design to allow the most natural light to stream in, while also offering privacy as required.

  1. Ayana House: The wide-slat shutters in the kitchen brings an extra bit of light in, while also keeping the space private if needed.
  2. Ayana House: A single wide-slat shutter in this little boy's room in a subtle amount of light during the day. It opens up the room and sheds light onto the gorgeous blue wallpaper.
  3. Clovelly Parkside Home: The addition of these shutters in the dining area creates for a naturally lit space.
  4. Randwick Home: A fresh and airy room due to the light flooding in from the wide-slat shutters. The light here is reflecting the white paint and giving it a subtle touch of tranquillity.

In need of more inspiration? See our Pinterest Board dedicated to lighting.

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