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Planning the perfect renovation with Life Size Plans.

24 Aug 2022

As designers, one of the hardest things to communicate to clients is a visualisation of space when you’re planning a new build or renovation. Life Size Plans takes all of the confusion out of the equation, projecting your plans in 1:1 scale on their factory floor allowing you to literally walk around your new home! We recently visited Life Sized Plans so we could explore our current Byron Bay project in real life.

Getting the design right in the planning stage is always vital to the overall success of a project – and is definitely important when it comes to reducing variations during the build itself. For people that aren’t designers it gives you a chance to see an A3 plan in real context. As our designer Harriet said “As the clients can experience the space at the real scale it helps eliminate any surprises of how the home may feel when we get into construction so the client will have a much better understanding prior to walls being built!”. As designers, we are used to reading plans and technical drawings, one of the key skills we develop is the ability to visualise space, but we do understand that most clients are not able to do this.

“Being able to walk through the design at Life Size Plans allows us to bring our clients into this part of our design thinking and empowers them with understanding. It’s an invaluable experience and can impact how we develop the design further”

Cassandra; Associate Director, The Designory.

We caught up with Chris one of the owners of Life Size Plans to find out more:

Why is Life Sized Plans an essential step for people renovating:

It is essential because it shows the clients or homeowners what exactly is going on and it gives a perfect depiction of how the home will feel. It also identifies areas that need adjusting without the cost and headache of making changes during construction.

What are some of the things clients discover through the experience:

They discover that the plans can be altered in small or large ways to better their home. They also discover any parts of the plans that have not fully been considered and practicality and flow become obvious. The areas that get changed the most are hallway widths, wet rooms, kitchens, and laundrys but also not limited to those items.

What is the value of doing this step:

The costs saved by using Lifesize plans can easily get into tens of thousands and in some cases, hundreds of thousands but the most important thing is that you end up with the perfect home.  Some people say during the construction that they don’t want to spend to make changes so they just continue on and live with what has been done. In my opinion that is the worst way to spend the biggest amount of money, you will ever spend in your life.

How complicated is it to book a session with LifeSize Plans:

Easy as! Drop us an email or call us direct and we will get you in. All we need is a pdf version of your plans.  We have offices in Melbourne and Sydney that work together to service all clients.

Any other important insights:

The fact that people now have a "try before you buy" option with housing and construction is amazing.

It’s almost unbelievable that for so long you had to take a chance or a gamble to see if what your spending hundreds of thousands is exactly what you expect. Not anymore!!:)

Hopefully, we have piqued your curiosity about our experience seeing our Byron Bay project at Life Sized Plans; click through to watch the video as our Director Melissa gives you a tour. 

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