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Our Edit of Must Have Storage Solutions

24 Aug 2022
There’s nothing quite like a clutter-free living environment when it comes to your home. Whether you’re looking to clean up your space or to add clever gadgets to streamline certain areas in your home, we’ve found the must-have storage solutions you need in your life. Follow our inspiration below from previous projects and you’ll be living clutter-free in no time…

  1. Want a clever way to add storage to your living area without using a conventional tv console? Try adding a few baskets underneath the tv like these ones here which we used in our Maroubra House II project.
  2. Have a small room but still need storage space? Add in built-in storage around the bed to save space. We used this solution in our St. Peters House project.
  3. One of our favourite must-have storage solutions are built-in wardrobes in a bedroom as it’s a great way to add storage to the home, but also to add a touch of style with flawless joinery like this one in our Maroubra House II project.
  4. Hooks are a must-have as a bathroom accessory to hang towels without them getting cluttered and in the way. We love these ones used in our Barefoot Bay Cottage project.
  5. More built-in cabinets in the living area except this time these have added open shelves to store books. A beautiful feature and way to show books in display like this one in our Bronte House project.
  6. Storing shoes can get incredibly messy in a cupboard so why not add an open space underneath your built-in wardrobes to store them neatly like the one here in our Bronte House project.
  7. Using baskets are a great way to store little bits and bobs out of the way. This one here in our Barefoot Bay Villa project as been cleverly stored underneath the built-in wardrobes.

  1. Bazar Tall Fringe Jute Basket Natural from The Design Hunter . 2. Maya Large Wide Jute Basket Onyx from The Design Hunter 3. Kink Wall Hook in White Washed American Oak from The Design Hunter 4. Cassidy Pull in Brass and Black from The Design Hunter 5. Slank Wall Hook in Black from The Design Hunter 6. Walnut Luxe Scoop Wall Hook in Walnut from The Design Hunter 7. 5 Rung Towel Rack in Walnut from The Design Hunter 8. Diamond Wall Hook from The Design Hunter 9. Raw Ladder in American Oak from The Design Hunter 10. Sonny Basket Set of Three from The Design Hunter

Check out our Pinterest Board dedicated to Storage Solutions.

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