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Heatherly Design Bedheads NEW Sydney Showroom

25 Aug 2022

With a lineage in the design industry of over 10 years, Heatherly Design Bedheads has become a go-to for designers and stylists alike in creating beautiful and fully customisable furniture choices for the bedroom. We were recently privileged enough to explore their newest Sydney Showroom in the very fashionable Paddington district which opened last month.

 With Heatherly’s core business about the customisable options, focus on individual designs and making your bedroom everything you dream it to be, the smaller showroom perfectly illustrates that this is a business without a ‘one size fits all mentality’. A range of Heatherly’s finishing options, styles and designs are arranged on the entry wall, with a private consultation room upstairs where showroom manager (and designer herself) Shelley works hand in hand with each client to create their perfect piece.\

Walls of fabric options are surrounded with inspirational images and media clippings of Heatherly’s multiple features in a range of the countries top magazines from the past 10 years.

As a design business, we love working with brands like Heatherly who can perfectly customise and bring our visions to life. Nothing is more valuable than a business which puts their clients at the forefront of the design process.


Clockwise from top: The Piper Bedhead in Burrow Leather in our recent project from Barefoot Escapes | Oxley Bedside Table | Lucia Bedhead | Tate Footstool

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